Notes for SEA Meeting, October 14th

Notes for October 14th Meeting

Hosted by Mary Davies. Mary D, Mike D, Mary M, Jack B, Mark A, Connie V and Karen P in attendance.

Jack was facilitator. Mary was timekeeper. Mark was note taker.

Notetaker’s Note: several times and/or locations for upcoming events that were discussed at this meeting have changed, and I’ve tried my best to include the latest time and/or location.

Introduction: Connie joins us from Sierra Club’s Coal-Free Campaign Steering Committee

Agenda Overview:
Mary & Connie: Coal Trains
Mike: getting across to others on climate change matters
Mike: update on Tar Sands
Mike: the McKibben Event
Mike: Movie Night
Mary & Mary: logging activist hours
Mark: 2012 Campaigning

Mary & Connie: Coal Trains

Action Opportunity 1
Port of Morrow application for dredge & fill off-loading port in Boardman Oregon
Opportunity to comment ends Oct. 31st — see Power Past Coal web-site, or our blog
(under Coal Action) for a link to where you can get info on how to send comments.

Potentially 6 ports, though Hoquiam/Gray’s Harbor off the table right now, leaving 5:
– Coos Bay
– Port of Morrow
– St. Helens
– Longview
– Bellingham

Action Opportunity 2
Scoping period for Cherry Point terminal will begin Oct 24th with a record long period 120 days. The scoping hearings will be held in 7 cities.
Seattle scoping hearing will be at North Seattle Community College campus, in the school gymnasium, on November 13th, 4pm to 7pm.
Need to get as many people as possible to attend.
So the action opportunity is to help the Sierra club with the event, getting SEA members and friends to participate and help staff the event. There are sign-in tables that need to be staffed, and they need help staffing a “Hospitality Room” where people can get help with writing letters of concern and making comments at the hearing.

Mike Dash suggested the idea of encouraging SEA members & friends to join in by doing a
car-pool to get there and then going out to dinner afterwards. Outreaching not only to SEA
membership but to friends as well. This idea still needs to be worked out and planned for, perhaps at the next general meeting?

Other Opportunities:
– Monday October 15th Webinar 7 – 8 to get up to speed on Coal Train issues and the scoping process.

– Phone banking at Sierra Club on Nickerson Street, every Monday & Wednesday up to the time of the scoping hearing

– Monday Oct 29th Organizing Meeting/Scoping Workshop 7 – 9pm, Sunset Hill Community Center, 3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle

– Saturday Nov 11th & morning canvassing & afternoon concert with David Lyons. Concert will be 1 – 3pm , Woodland Park Presbyterian Church, 225 N 70th St, Seattle. Door-to-door canvassing begins at 9:30am. Meet at the church.

Plus Sierra Club has lots of opportunities besides public out-reach:

Data-entry, making canvass packets, media writing rapid response

Contact Robin Williams at the Sierra Club for these possibilities

Mike: Getting Climate Change Across to Others
Mike discusses a presentation he (& Mary, Isa & Connie) went to on how to talk to people on climate change.

We review the brochure that was handed out at the meeting; Mary M has posted the info on-line.

3 points:
1) We have responsibility for protecting ourselves and future generations from the harm
stemming from climate change
2) Americans can do this.
3) Big oil needs to get out of the way

We break into pairs and practice persuading each other based on the 3-themed approach
suggested by the brochure. (Very funny to listen to this on the tape recording!)

Mike: Tar Sands Update
A meeting was convened 2 – 3 weeks prior, by Adam Gaya, our contact at Forest Ethics.
Very high-powered & impressive group of people (including our Mike Dash and Janet Rayor!!)
The main topic was: what things will be pursued in the coming months?
Top two things:
1) pursuing legislation at state level to get clear about sourcing;
2) supporting First Nations initiative to protect the Inland Sea on both the US and Canadian sides.

Both issues should be picking up in activity through the winter.

Mike: McKibbens Event & Fossil Fuels In General
McKibbens event — November 7th, 7:30 — 10:30pm
Mark S. Taper Foundation Auditorium at Benaroya Hall, 200 University Street

We discuss logistics on getting to the McKibben event and getting tickets for
all our 21 people who would like to go.

Dinner will be at Rock Bottom prior to the event; meet at 5:30 pm; try to get
to Benaroya by 6:30 to get good seats.

Mike: Movie Night
Meet at 6:30 at Mark’s House for drinks, snacks & socializing
Movie starts at 7:00
Reinventing Fire
A TED presentation

Mary & Mary: Work Logging
We address the idea of keeping a log or tally of the time each member spends on activist

We discuss whether it would introduce a fun element of competitiveness or would it introduce animosity and one-ups-manship?

But it could also serve as a place where details could be shared about the experiences, that might be useful to others who would be interested in doing the same sort of work.

Can we incorporate such a thing on the blog? It would be easy for people to post their actions on the blog, but it doesn’t seem like our blog has the capability to serve as a tally/work-log.

Mark: Action Ops on 2012 Election Campaigns
We discuss recommendations on things to do, groups to contact, to help with 2012 election campaigns

Connie mentions that Organizing for America (OfA) with a headquarters in Wallingford is working on Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in Washington state. They’re located at 1914 N. 34th

Arrow de Groot is the contact person there: 206 992 1339

Also watch your MoveOn email. People are volunteering their homes to provide calling-parties for GOTV efforts targeting swing states.

If people don’t get motivated here in Washington to send in completed ballots, lots of
important “down ballot” issues could be effected.

Next Meeting

Mark A will host the next meeting; Nov 11th
Mike will be facilitator.
Jack or Mary Manous will be time keeper or note taker; I couldn’t tell which finally.

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