Coal Train Facts and Scoping Hearings

The Coal Train Facts website has put up some really helpful links and guidance on the upcoming coal train scoping hearings that can be used for the Gateway Pacific Terminal environmental assessment process.  Click here for details on how to write and submit comments on the scope that the environmental assessment for permitting a coal port should have and to learn more about the Gateway Pacific proposal and the EIS process.

Below is a sample of the useful tools and resources provided:

Tools & Resources

1 Minute Scoping: Use as a template for ideas, or if you only have one minute to submit a comment, simply print, sign and mail a pre-written letter about either rail impacts (PDF, 493 KB) or marine impacts (PDF, 290 KB).
An official website has been set up by the GPT EIS co-lead agencies.

For those wishing more technical precision, the following guides have been developed by retired public interest attorney Terry Wechsler and writer/WWU professor Nicole Brown :

Workshops during which participants will be guided through the comment-writing process will be available in a number of communities.

For more information on relevant impacts, please see our Key Facts or download our Key Facts PDF with endnotes (PDF, 978 KB).

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