This page is meant to provide instructions and guidelines for use of and access to the several web resources that we (SEA) currently have at our disposal.

1) The SEA Change Blog

The blog site you’re currently viewing. The main URL is:

Our blog is the place where you should feel free to post all of those interesting news tid-bits or links to outrageous editorials (or wonderful editorials), essays, research items that you feel would be relevant to SEA and the work that we do. Anyone can record comments on our blog posts, but to actually post to the blog you need authorship privileges. See the page linked to below “Getting Author Status on the Blog”. Please note that we have categories for topics that we try to manage with some care, just to keep the place tidy. Please be thoughtful of which categories you select as relevant to your post before you post it. Usually just one category will suffice, e.g. – Tar Sands Info, or Coal Trains Action, etc.

Links to Sub-topics:

• Getting Author Status on the Blog

• Posting and Commenting on the Blog

• Setting up an RSS feed to get recent blog posts in email digests

2) sea-alerts and seactivists-discuss Google Groups

We’ve started two Google Groups to satisfy two different email/bulletin-board needs of our group. The original one, sea-alerts, provides us with a means to send out any important notifications regarding upcoming meetings or events. It is a low volume email bulletin board that is meant to be used sparingly, and is specifically not meant to be used for posting general announcements or postings of news items or opinions. The newer Google Group, seactivists-discuss, is meant to provide an outlet for more free-wheeling discussions and less urgent announcements of events, fun things to do, etc (all on climate-change or environmental topics naturally). All members of Seattle Environmental Activists should be sure that they are members of the sea-alerts Google Group. Membership in seactivists-discuss is fun, but not a requisite. If you join seactivists-discuss, you might want to consider which form of email delivery you’d like to have; the volume of emails on this latter group is substantially higher. Google Groups gives you several email delivery options; click the link below for a description of these delivery options and directions on how to get yourself set up with the option you like best.

Links to Sub-Topics:

• Becoming a member of SEA-Alerts

• Sending Emails to All Members via SEA-Alerts

• Email Delivery Options for seactivists-discuss Members

3) Adding an Event to our Google Calendar

We have a Google account for our group under the username, seactivists, and it is that Google account by which we set up both our Google group and our group’s Facebook page. That Google account has a Google Calendar set up for it, and any of us can edit the calendar and add events to it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google in your favorite browser.
  2. Sign in as (everyone who has editor access to this blog has the password for our Google account… it’s the same).
  3. You’ll see Calendar listed on the menu bar across the top of the Google Home page once you’ve signed in to our account.
  4. Click on Calendar and a big Calendar will appear but don’t use that one. Notice that there’s a side panel and SEActivists Admin is listed under “My Calendars”. Click on SEActivists Admin.
  5. To add an event to the calendar, just click on the relevant day. You may want to switch the calendar to “Month” view (see the choice bar on the upper right).

4) SEA Change FaceBook Page

SEA has a facebook page:

To log on to the Facebook page, use our group’s Google gmail address as username and our groups Google account password as the Facebook password. Then you can add posts to the page as if it were your own Facebook account (because it really is; it’s for all of SEA).

This page could use a good administrator, someone who has the time and enough familiarity with Facebook page maintenance to take on the duty. If you feel you have what it takes please step forward! Volunteer your services at the next SEA general meeting.


4 Responses to Help

  1. Mary Davies says:

    Wow, Mark: You are so right! You have made it a cinch to get that RSS feed. Can’t wait to see what hits my in-box next!

  2. karenmpowers says:

    How do I post to the facebook page? I tried and it didn’t stick. Do I need to receive a friend request? Thanks, Karen

  3. janetrayor says:

    Thanks for this great page.
    Question on how to update calendar? I have put various alert dates in my last post.


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