Agenda Template & Guidance

The following provides guidance and a standard agenda template for use at each meeting.  The facilitator can use it to guide developing and formatting an agenda and it can be provided to attendees at the meeting.

Seattle Environmental Activists

Meeting Agenda –  A Template

Why We Are Here: 

The Seattle Environmental Activists (SEA) is a group of citizens who came together out of concern for the environment.  Our organization is action-oriented and provides a place for people to build community and act together on behalf of the environment.   -SEA Change Blog

Opening: [By Facilitator – allow 10-15 minutes]
  • Welcome – and Introductions, but only if there are new participants.
  • Agenda Review (highlight major issues/topics to be considered; decisions to be made)
  • Planning for Next Meeting (location, date, roles).  Note: Facilitator who is identified will need to watch for agenda items for next meeting.   If there are too many then they may need to be prioritized.
Action Items: [By Facilitator – allow 30 minutes]

Start by either asking “Does anybody have a quote/fact about climate change to share?” or come with one. No discussion or questions at this time.  This is just to get the group focusing on climate change.

For example:  “Of the 19 cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics, as few as 10 might be cold enough by midcentury to host them again .  By 2100 that number shrinks to 6.” -from 2/9/2014 NYTimes.

  • Report on last group SEA Action (short debrief/evaluation on any activities or actions as a group and what went well or could be improved in future) Note suggestions.
  • Tally of individual actions.  Take a tally by raising of hand of numbers who have participated in these activities since last meeting:  Letter Writing, Rallies or Marches, Planning Meetings, Tabling, Outreach to Groups, Presentations Given, Other Substantive Activity
  • Review list of upcoming action opportunities listed on the back of agenda with an opportunity for additional events to be added.  Also ask what are the obstacles to doing any of the action items individually and what would help to be able to do them.
  • Decision on (a) which event will be the group action prior to next meeting and (b) who will be point person.
Other Items:  [By Individuals with agenda topics – up to 15-20 minutes]

Note: Some topics may need to be carried over, passed on and/or prioritized, if insufficient time available. The scope, time allotted, and purpose (decision/information) of each topic needs to be clear. There also needs to be the opportunity to determine that a topic would be more appropriate for a future meeting or an outside meeting/event.

  • SEA Tools:  Change blog, SEA Alerts/Discussion Check in on improvements and usage. (as a standing topic to ensure clarity on the importance that these tools be used effectively)
  • Other Agenda Items: Be clear on objective for having on the agenda outcome desired.
Meeting Action: [by Volunteer or Facilitator – allow 20 – 30 minutes]
[This final session will have been decided at prior meeting and generally consist of letter writing or p other action/event. A point person for making sure all necessarily supplies and information are available will have been selected at the last meeting, also. Point person will also ensure that letters are mailed at end of meeting.]
Conclusion: [“Thanks, Review, and What’s Coming Up” by Facilitator – 3-5 minutes]
       Reminders for next meeting and upcoming group action: i.e. roles and tasks.

Thanks to all for all they do!




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