March 2015 Meeting Notes

SEA Meeting 3 15 2015 MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 6:15 PM

Present: Basilia (facilitator), Mike (timekeeper), Rich (action items) and Susan (note taker)

I.  Past month’s actions:

  1. KXL Pipeline/Mike:  Depending on Obama’s action on the KXL, last year’s organization plan for protests may need to be ramped up on short notice.   Local organization (Abby Brockway, coordinator for the Pledge of Resistance) needs to know if former particpants are still able to take part, their action roles, etc.  There will be followup phone calls, emails.
  2. Green Drinks/Susan. Interesting presentation at Seattle Waterfront Center by Sustainable Seattle. Many green components in the City’s plans, environmentally friendly to humans, salmon, etc. Still opportunity to comment, make suggestions at the Center, Western & Union, where mockup of new waterfront can be viewed.
  3. Plant for the Planet/Bainbridge Is. Academy/Basilia and Rich.  Basilia is the liaison for the training academies, which will be in the next 2 weeks on Bainbridge (3/28) and Whidbey (5/9). Rich helped with the Academy on 3/14, and said performance suffered from lack of leadership and kids were not ready for leadership roles. Takeaway: Kids need to be better trained…and they have short memories!
  4. Other: Mike went to an ArtBuild and Rich gave a talk at United Church of Christ via 350 Speakers Bureau, on George Marshall:  “Don’t Think About It: Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change.” Susan and Mike went to the 3/14 Conversation on Climate Justice.

II.  Shell (Mike),  Port of Seattle outcome: signed 2-year lease (renewable for 2 more years) with Foss to host Shell’s Arctic drilling equipment.  Two hearings at airport, both with great SEA participation (Rich, Mike, Susan, Basilia, Karen, and Jim).—a SEA  member said, “We kicked butt!” Mike suggested SEA members be alert to

  1. the pressure Greenpeace has said it will put on Foss and its parent
  2. supporting Arctic wilderness protection legislation; and
  3. the question of whether Shell’s lease to drill will run out soon, and need renewal.

Rich commented that the longshoremen may not want the lease on Terminal 5 extended, since they depend on stevedoring income.

III.   Next month’s  SEA action:

Main Action:  April 22 Earth Day celebration Seattle Central College 10-5.  SEA members should email Mary to volunteer to help before/during the event.   All 4 SEA members at today’s meeting will volunteer.

Also:  March 23, 2-4 PM City Council discussion on whether to condemn fast track and TPP.

IV.  Other

  1. SEA members please RSVP for meetings, directly to the host/hostess (Basilia for April)
  2. Movement building  (Rich):  Real change doesn’t happen through the standard institutions of political power; which is the best way to engage the public: “blockade” type actions or nibbling away at the edges.   How to get to the tipping point?
  3. (?Mike to verify) March 28 7-9 pm: Grassroots organizing meeting at Kane Hall.  We need to break down social barriers.  How wide should we be “throwing our net”?
  4. Mike suggested that racism be discussed at the next SEA meeting in connection with climate change.
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