December 2014 SEA Meeting Notes


Meeting convened at Isa’s on 14 Dec at 1830h.

  • Next meeting with be the Annual Holiday Party on 18 Jan 2015 with Yoram Bauman presenting.
  • Next regular meeting will be 22 Feb 2015.
  • Letter writing this month is via email to oppose Shell’s Chukchi Sea Oil Drilling Permit; deadline is 21 Dec.
  • Pre-meeting discussions are planned on Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” beginning Feb 2015.

In Attendance:  Basilia (facilitator), Isa (host) Mike, Leonard, Kathy, Rich, Dan, Karen, Jim

Holiday Party 18 Jan with 5PM Start

  • Karen’s House (accommodates up to 50 people)
  • SEA members will bring the food & drink; come before 5PM to set up.
  • SEA members are to  RSVP 14 days ahead (by Jan 4) with who’s coming & how many friends they are bringing.
  • Yoram Bauman will give a 30 minute presentation; Karen to introduce, Mike to speak, Basilia to speak and Mary to offer a call to action.  Copies of Yoram Bauman’s book on climate change will be available.

Letter Writing: 

Rich asked that we email to oppose renewal of Shell’s Chukchi Sea Oil Drilling Permit.  The deadline is 21Dec2015.  The risks associated with an oil spill in this Arctic environment are extremely high.  Details for the email are posted on SEA-alerts.

Last Month Actions:

– Comments were submitted to EPA regarding its Clean Power Plant Rule.

– Connie & Rich assisted Earth Ministry in organizing a meeting with Frank Chop, Chair of Washington State House of Representatives.  Connie, Rich and Jim from SEA attended the meeting.

Daily Kos

Leonard is continuiing as an environmental blogger for Daily Kos; he’s now also been asked to become the Community Building Organizer for WA state.  He imagines the Daily Kos can become a communications hub for other environmental groups.  He asks SEA members to support him in this effort.   Daily Kos leaders will gather in Seattle for a Meet-Up; others are invited at Pyramid Alehouse with a cost of $20 for lunch.  Daily Kos is establishing some collaboration with Northwest Progressive Institute.

Discussion of Future Directions for SEA:

Pre-Meeting Discussions

We agreed that beginning in Feb 2015 for 3 consecutive SEA meetings, Mike will lead pre-meeting discussions of Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus the Climate.”  We will hear an audio file, then discuss.  Topics for consecutive pre-meetings will be:

1) Why our economic system cannot stop itself; the survival imperative of fossil fuel companies is to discover new oil sources.

2) Blockadia is the world-wide resistance movement.

3) Given the above, what can we in SEA do?

Civil Disobedience

Basilia mentioned the environmental activist Tim DeCristopher, who speaks of Alice Paul, a leader of civil disobediance during the suffragette movement.  We need to provoke an emotional response.  We need to appeal with humor.  We need to highlight the impact on children and the most vulnerable.

Build the Movement

Rich suggests that each SEA member establish a network of at least 5 other people.  Perhaps we can reach out to family and neighbors to get involved.  The 2 climate change initiatives proposed for 2016 (CarbonWA & West Coast Climate Campaign) will each require over 300,000 signatures during 2015 to get on the ballot.

Jonathan Haidt’s “A Righteous Mind” and George Marshall’s “Don’t Even Think About It” were suggested as good resources for improving our communication about climate change.

Karen suggested that we need to communicate a vision of the ideal future that will address climate change; we need to be “pro” something rather than always “anti-“.  As an example of a future vision, Jim mentioned the Mark Jacobson Stanford Study that detailed how WA state could become 80% renewable energy by 2030, adding new solar, on-shore wind, off-shore wind and wave energy sources.  The intermittency of solar and wind as energy sources was noted, suggesting that we need aggressive R&D to optimize energy storage and the national grid.

Next Regular Meeting:  22 Feb 2015  

Facilitator:  Isa

Host:  Basilia

Time-Keeper:  Dan

Note-Taker:  Jim

Action Item:  Rich

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