November 16, 2014 SEA Meeting Notes


  • Next meeting will be on 2nd rather than 3rd Sunday, i.e. Dec. 14th.
  • Annual party planned for January 18, 2015.
  • New mission statement put forward.
  • Letter writing required at each meeting.

In attendance:  Mike (facilitator), Karen (note taker), Basilia (hoste/timekeeper), Isa, Rich, Susan, Mary, Jim and David.

Next meeting will be on Dec 14th at Isa’s with Basilia facilitating and Jim taking notes.  Rich will research and bring reference materials for the group letter writing portion of the meeting.

Last Month Actions:  

  • Basilia and Rich attended the Plant for the Planet event.
  • Mary and Mike attended portions of a Rainforest Action Network “Climate Leadership Summit” on Nov 14-15.  Mary who went portions of both days, including the ending observed that it turned out to not be exactly what the invitations represented it would.  The value of what seemed to in essence be a train-the-trainer event around envisioning what life will be like in 2050 if humanity manages to make the necessary changes to stop fossil fuels from disastrously impaction the planet.
  • Isa, Mike, Rich, Connie, Leonard, Kathy & Mary (others?) attended the packed hearing in Olympia on the Governor’s Oil Transportation Safety Study.  Mike was ready to testify but there were so many waiting to testify that his name was not called by the time he needed to leave.  Here is the draft study.
  • Basilia, Kathy, and Mary attended Leonard’s Seattle and Puget Sound Kossacks group (local Daily Kos bloggers) along with Robin Everett, Sierra Club organizer, and State Representative Joe Fitzgibbons spoke on where things are in the state in the wake of the election.
  • Talks, presentations and movies were attended by a variety of SEActivists.  Susan, Rich, Mike and Mary attended a UW presentation on the IPCC 2014 Synthesis Report and the UNFCCC process.  Mary & Susan attended a talk by Yoram Bauman of Carbon WA at the UW Bookstore.  Rich gave a talk on “A Faith Based Approach to Climate Change” at the University Congregational United Church of Christ.
  • Mary and Isa attended the UW Divest rally at the UW at which Mike McGinn spoke prior to the UW Board of Regents Meeting.
  • On Nov 18th (shortly after the SEA meeting) David Wi… and Karen responded to a Sierra Club request for people to come to Sen Murray’s Office to be part of a photo opportunity of the turning over of 5,000 comments to her in regard to the EPA Clean Power Plant Rule. (Note Deadline for comments is Dec. 1st.)  SEActivists made up over half of those who were able to be there!

Upcoming actions and events:  There are two federal comment periods ending in December.  The draft EPA Clean Power Plant Rule on Dec 1st and the Chukchi Sea Shell Oil Drilling Permit Application on Dec 22nd.   For information on these see:  Cascadia Climate Action Comment Periods.  Other upcoming events are principally meetings,  presentations, movies and discussion panels.  For details on these see the Cascadia Climate Meetings and Talks & Presentations calendars.

Form & Structure:

  • Meeting Simplification:  In response to the amount of work that fell to the same couple of people each month in planning meetings, a simpler approach to the setting the meeting agenda was deployed at this meeting; the facilitator proposed the basic topics for the attendees’ approval of content and time allotment.
  • Letter Writing:  The letter writing or action element that has been included in the agenda over the last year or so was brought up for discussion.  There were 7 out of 9 in attendance who felt this should be maintained.  It was suggested that the person who agrees to bring a topic and information for the letter writing should send it out ahead of the meeting for input and comments.
  • SEA-Discuss v SEA-Alerts reminder:  Use SEA-discuss for information and topics that are being put out for general information or discussion. SEA-Alerts is reserved for meeting information and higher importance communication, but not for discussions.
  • Annual Holiday Meeting:  It will be a New Year’s Meeting this year on the regular date of the January meeting (i.e. 3rd Sunday).  Isa will ask Yoram Bauman to be a speaker.  Goal of the party will be outreach, recruitment and to share information.  Party planning committee will be Karen, Basilia and Susan.

Mission Statement:  Revision of the SEA mission statement was brought over from the last meeting.  After discussion it was agreed by those present, but with the proviso that it was not set in concrete, that the SEA Mission Statement would be:  The Seattle Environmental Activists provide a place for people to build community and take action to promote a healthy climate.

Discussion:  In response to people indicating that what they liked about coming to SEA meetings was that it was a place where people concerned about the climate could get together and discuss issues and strategies, the last 20 minutes were used to discuss “What now?” or how can we make a difference on climate change in the coming year.

  • Rich emphasized that climate change needs to be in the public’s awareness.
  • Isa suggested we join in their Listening Project.
  • The idea of quarterly speakers was also put forward.
  • Mary suggested that people get involved with one or more of the other climate action groups to find out what they are doing and provide synergy with their efforts.
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