Sept 9, 2014 Meeting Notes

Minutes – Seattle Environmental Activists

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014

Home of Jim Little

6:20: Introductions and presentation by Angela Liu, Partnerships Coordinator for Organizing for Washington, who stressed the importance of making a strong grassroots effort to help protect the House and elect a Democratic Senate in WA State in order to achieve our goals for protecting the climate.  The main problem, in an off-year election, is to get Democrats to turn out and vote. OFW is organizing phone-bank, direct visit and other efforts to ensure voters participate in the upcoming election.  She passed out a sign-up sheet for those interested in participating.

6:30: Call to order. Next meeting:  October 19, 6 PM.  Host:  Basilia Facilitator: Mike  Timekeeper:  Leonard  Action Item: Mary

Highlights of Actions taken in the Last Month:  Mary and Paula went to planning meeting for the Sept. 21 march.  Mary and Isa went to Daybreak Star event with native tribes (there will be a border event on Sept. 20). Mike, Isa, Jim, Mary and other went to the totem pole dedication at St. Mark’s, and Isa attended the event at the Lummi Reservation. Leonard has been very active on the Daily Kos blogging site, blogging only on environmental issues.  See SEA-discuss message re his invitation to participate in the Oct. 4, 12:30-3:00.

Book Recommendation:  Don’t Even Think About It, by George Marshall, who will be visiting Seattle.

6:45:  Mike discussed the proposal for a fundraiser for Metro bus signage for environmental causes.  He asked for volunteers to work on this committee and for others who will attend, in order to move the planning outside the monthly meeting. 350.0rg has done this. Metro requires a min. $1,000 for posters on bus for 1 month at $23 ea.  Kathy proposed a wine/cheese party at $25 ea. to “purchase” a poster.  She said 50 people need to buy tickets up front to ensure the event’s success.  Suggested date:  Friday, Nov. 7, at Kathy and Leonard’s house. Key: to make sure people have FUN!  Metro will do graphic design as part of the $23/each.  Message suggestion:  direct people to Mary’s Cascadia Climate web site with something like: “Want to do something about climate change?”  Volunteers: Angela Liu, Basilia, Mike, Emilia, Kathy, Mary. One possibility is to reuse 350.0rg’s graphic. Members suggested an invitation/handout for the ask, as funds are needed well prior to the event.

Action Item:  Letter to EPA in support of their proposed Clean Power Plan.  Letters were handed out for signing and mailing.

The group watched the movie “Disruption”, for background intended to put pressure on the UN Climate Summit taking place Sept. 22 via the huge march in New York and around the world scheduled for 9/21. A discussion of the movie followed, led by Mike. Everyone agreed on the importance of participating in some public demonstration on Sept. 21.  Ideas: 1 PM rally Westlake Mall, followed by a march.  Jim suggested getting more people to see the movie (anyone can send the link: or post it and the Sept. 21 rally info. People could make copies of the poster and put them up in visible places.  Brian stressed how important a big central demonstration can be for causing political action. Leonard suggested that people create buzz by creating local community news outlets, make sure the press is there. Basilia remarked on the film’s comment about the importance of emotional vs. analytical response in people to move them to action. She suggested sending friends emails, followed up by a phone call to make connections that will bring bodies to the demonstration. Angela, a student at the Evans School, said selling the idea emotionally in her crowd would be very feasible. Mike, who will be in NYC, suggested that we all pick a time and a place to meet up specifically before the demonstration. Mary asked if we could come up with a poster for putting up on community/school bulletin boards.  A question was asked about wearing red to the rally—seems to be a good idea.  All were urged to bring climate change posters to the rally.


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