July 2014 Meeting Notes

Quote for the day“The People’s Climate March isn’t just building towards a moment this September.  We are building a movement and creating a turning point in the fight against climate change by building stronger connections with each other.”

In attendance:  Isa, Rich, Connie, Mary, Susan, Mark, Mike, Leonard, Kathy, Amelia, Paula (350.org) and Brian (350.org)

Facilitated by Mike, Mark – timekeeper, Rich – action lead and Leonard – taking notes.  Host:  Isa

Housekeeping Item:  It was decided due to the hectic schedules of everyone to cancel the meeting for August.  Next meeting will be September 7th.

    • Host: Jim (back up: Isa)
    • Facilitator:  Isa
    • Note Taker:  Susan
    • Action lead:  Rich
    • Time Keeper:  Mike

Discussion Items:

Last month’s action event:  Solidarity rally in memory of the Lac_Megantic Quebec Explosion:  Rich went.  Official attendance was put at 120 but Rich thought actual count was closer to 50.  Thought a beautiful day and busy calendar reduced numbers.

Tally of actions:  Mike suggested we drop the statistical tally and return to asking people to share what climate events they engaged in and highlight some of them at the end of the year from meeting notes. Everyone agreed.

People then shared what they had done since last meeting, including the following:

    • Connie, Rich and Mary tabled at Fremont Summer Solstice Parade
    • Mary attended Governor Inslee’s Emissions Reduction Task Force conference.
    • Mary (&Weldon) attended  the BackBone Campaign’s Chocolatada fundraiser
    • Mike attended a campaign event for Rep. Dunshee and talked to him on how we can assist with his election.
    • 7 attended the 350.org meeting (Rich, Connie, Emilia, Mike, Mary, Isa, Paula & Brian)
    • 3 (Isa, Mary, and Emilia) attended Citizen’s Climate Lobby meeting and 1 (Emilia)  a  Citizens Climate Lobby Conference meeting – see below for more
    • 6 attended the Seth Fleetwood fundraiser.  Connie reported over $5,000 was raised.
    • Connie is involved with the formation of the Green Team at the Keystone Church.  They’re planning multiple events to educate their congregation on climate change issues.
    • Rich gave a sermon on climate change at Northshore United Church of Christ in Woodenville.
    • Isa attended a Lummi Nation climate event.  Upcoming Lummi Actions will overlap with big People’s Climate March coming up in September.
    • Susan attended Green Drinks at the Seattle Yacht Club near Maggie Bluffs in Magnolia.  There was a presentation by Seattle Steam which was interesting.  You can take of tour of their facilities.  An international visitor from Argentina who works on Environmental Education there went with Susan and made good contacts.  Highly recommended event.  Takes place the 2nd Tuesday of the month at different venues.  Nominal fee to attend. (check Climate Calendar for future locations.)


Citizens Climate Lobby Conference:  Report by Amelia

Held over 5-6 days around June 24th.  In depth review and training was conducted on their proposal that the United States adopt a revenue neutral carbon tax.  Seventy people attended from Washington State and 600 nationwide as well as internationally.  Group met with numerous elected officials including McDermott and Cantwell.  All seemed to be receptive to the idea of some price on carbon.

There was some discussion about having a debate on the carbon tax vs a cap & trade system.  It was decided that would not be a good idea but maybe a discussion of the two as being complementary might be useful.

Upcoming Action Opportunities:   Mary reviewed the upcoming events (available at cascadiaclimateaction.org) and then the group selected the Seattle BP Cherry Point EIS Public Hearing at the Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday July 24th at 6:00 pm as the group action item.  There will be a short rally before hearing (at 6:15) coordinated by Sierra Club and 350.

Location:  Federal Center South, Galaxy Room, 4735 E. Marginal Way South, Seattle
Time: 6:00 pm Rally and ACOE Open House, 7:00 pm Hearing
SEA Social Event prior to the Hearing:   Mary, Susan and Mark so far said they will be going and probably meeting before hand for dinner.  Carpooling offered contact Mary.

Other actions happening can be found at cascadeclimateaction.org   Mary passed out a list of all the climate events this year that can be used for anyone to keep track of what they have done this year, for purposes of an end of year celebration.

Cascadia Climate Action Website 

The Cascadia Climate Calendar is now hosted on a website (cascadiaclimateaction.org) as part of a “toolbox” of features to support actions by individuals and organizations.  Mary and Doug, a new intern, gave a presentation to the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Task Force about the site and the action calendar.  There was strong support for there being such site where all events are available, along with other information for climate activists.

Cards (business size) were past out to all for easy access.  The site has a variety of new tools, including “For Immediate Action,”  “Public Comment Periods,” “Organizations,” and “News” among others.  Check it out and provide your input and suggestions on content.

Advantages of using:

      • Helps groups avoid overlap and redundancy.
      • Gives groups daily feeds and updates on planned activities.
      • Provides one place to go for all to find environmental action in the area.

Mary is looking for interns skilled in outreach and social media to help with project.  There is also a Facebook page for Cascadia Climate Action.  If people want to post to it or “like” it that will help get the word out and make it a useful way to share information on climate action opportunities.

350 Seattle Speakers Bureau:  Report by Paula who with her husband Brian manages the list of speakers available through 350-Seattle and can help with other speakers that are available.   Paula passed out a brochure to all.

Paula, Brian and Mary are coordinating the incorporation of the Cascadia Climate Action Calendar being mentioned during presentations.   It was suggested a speaker be scheduled to address our group at a future meeting to get a feel for what they cover and provide suggestions for where and with what groups each topic would be likely to be of interest.  This will help get the word out on climate topics.  Then the audience will be given information on how they can take action.


People’s Climate Summit, September 20-21 being held in New York.:  Report by Mike

There is a big rally planned spearheaded by 350.org.  Mike is going.  There will be simultaneous actions all across the country including Seattle.  In conjunction First Nations of Cascadia will be hammering out their Salish Sea Treaty.  This meeting overlaps the event.

Leonard mentioned that he is sure Climate Change SOS and Daily Kos will be conducting a blogathon to promote the March.  Leonard will be involved.

Future Fundraiser:  Report by Mike

Poster on Metro buses is something that 350 Seattle has funded with some success.  Mike contacted Metro and $1,000 minimum purchase required at $23/sign per month.   Metro will design for free.  Mike offered some great text.  Something like:  Interested in climate change?  Go to cascadiaclimateaction.org  No time limit on this service. Amelia said she thought 350 would support/participate in this fundraiser.

Meeting Action:  Report/direction by Rich

Letter writing was conducted commenting on BP Cherry Point Refinery oil shipment dock with regard to which there will be a Army Corps of Engineers hearing on Thursday, July 24th.

Meeting adjourned right on time!

Thanks to Leonard for the note taking!



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