May 2014 Meeting Notes

Following are the notes from the May 2014 SEA Meeting:

Pre-Meeting Discussion Round table: Connie, Dan, David Ward, Kathy, Leonard, Mary, Mike, Rich, and Susan had a round-table discussion on Obstacles to Climate Solutions from 4:45 to 6.

Meeting:  The regular meeting began at 6:30, after half an hour for food and conversation. For the regular meeting, Connie, Dan, David Ward, Isa, Kathy, Leonard, Mark, Mary, Mike, Rich, and Susan attended. Susan facilitated, David was timekeeper, Mike took notes, Mary was the action lead. The meeting convened at Connie and Rich’s house on May 18.

Climate Quote:

  • Question:  Is there anything you would like to say to readers in Whatcom County, Washington and in our region?

  •  Answer, McKibbenYou guys are the cork in the bottle for a lot of carbon. The decisions you make here will have important consequences around the globe for centuries to come.    – James Wells, interview with Bill McKibben, DailyKos, 5/8/2014.

Action Planning and Review:

Upcoming Month’s SEA Action Focus:    Enough folks at the meeting were actively interested supporting each of these events that both were selected for the coming month’s SEA focus.  An email with details was sent out to all on SEA-Alerts.

  • Green Justice:  Making the Green Movement Work for South Seattle, on Tuesday, May 20th at 6:00 pm at the Rainier Community Center.  For more information contact Connie or Robin Everett at the Sierra Club; RSVP here.

  • Public Hearing for Rail Unloading Platform Permit for Anacortes Shell Refinery on June 11th at 9:00 am [as mentioned below, in the action review from the past month]. .  View draft permit at   Public comment period May 11 – June 11, 2014 and email and written comments are being accepted.

SEA Action Review from Past Month: 

    • Last Month’s SEA Focus – Shell Refinery Hearing of the NW Clean Air Agency:

Background: Rich brought this hearing to our attention at the March meeting, where we wrote letters asking for a public hearing.  We later learned that the Agency received 36 such letters — an unprecedented number, for them! Of those 36, 12 were from SEA.   As a result of the letters, the Agency did indeed set up a public hearing, for April 30. So many people signed up that the Agency rescheduled to a larger room.

The Hearing: Three SEA members attended the pre rally and meeting.  Two (Dan & Mary M) submitted written comments and one (Mike) spoke at the hearing. We also learned that a subsequent session of the Skagit County Council had such an overwhelming number of citizens asking for a public hearing on Shell’s application to build an unloading facility for the oil trains that the Council has a consequence has decided to hold a public hearing on June 11th.  Altogether, great action and follow-through!

    • Bellingham action weekend. Isa, Kathy, Leonard, Mary, and Susan attended multiple events in Bellingham on the weekend of May 15-17, centered around Western Washington University divestment. Bill McKibben was the featured interviewee at the Chuckanut Radio Hour on Friday evening and the speaker at Western Washington University before a well-attended Divestment Rally.   Leonard and Kathy also attended a RE Sources fundraising luncheon with Bill McKibben, who knows Leonard from his writing on DailyKOS!.  Mary was able to speak with Bill (while getting his autograph on his most recent book, Oil and Honey) about whether he knew of any climate event clearinghouse/calendars in use anywhere around the country.  He really didn’t, but suggested she develop one, which is underway with the Cascadia Climate Action calendar.

    • Tally of actions since our April 2014 meeting. We considered and adopted a proposal that the tally be divided by category. While everyone supported the proposal, we found that the categories weren’t clear enough. We agreed to take a two-month tally at the June meeting. Meanwhile Mike will put proposed definitions, plus examples, on the blog for review at the June meeting.
  • Future Fundraising Event. Kathy outlined what a SEA fundraiser might look like. We’d have a specific focus such as putting oil-train posters on Metro buses. It would be $20 per ticket for wine, cheese and crackers, and Leonard and Kathy offered their house as a venue. We agreed that the next step is to come to the June meeting with an actionable proposal as to the focus. Mike will check in with 350 on the posters and with Plant for the Planet on planting trees; everyone else should feel free to bring other ideas.


SEA tools: Mark talked about the sea-alerts list vs the seactivists-discuss list. For each list you can choose whether to get each message as it’s posted, a daily digest of postings, a batch of 25, or no email. See the SEA blog HELP Page for specific descriptions of the two lists.

Fracking blogathon: Leonard said that DailyKOS will have a blogathon for the week of May 19, focused on fracking in California.

Meeting action: we all signed a letter to Governor Inslee thanking him for his strong leadership toward the creation of a new energy economy for Washington State and his executive order creating a Carbon Emissions Reduction Task Force and a set of executive actions to combat the threat of climate disruption and carbon pollution and urged him to insist that the Task Force act expediently to ensure that Washington utilities develop aggressive plans for phasing out coal and not allow our state to be used as a passive gateway for the transport of dangerous, contaminating carbon-based fuels.  [thank you Susan!].

SEA Viewing of Years of Living Dangerous Series:  Rich volunteered to host the showing of this eight part Showtime Series on Climate Change at his home on Sunday, June 1st starting with episodes 2 & 3.  Episode 1 is available for watching on YouTube.  There will be a potluck dinner beginning at 6:00 pm followed by the two hour long episodes.  For more information contact Rich.

Next Meeting will by on June 22, 2014 [not June 15, as previously planned!].  Pre-meeting round table discussion begins at 4:45, snacks are at 6:00 and monthly meeting begins at 6:30.

  • Host: Basilia
  • Facilitator: David Ward
  • Notetaker: Leonard
  • Time Keeper: TBD
  • Action Lead: Rich

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