Neb Gov asks State Sup Ct to overturn lower court on Keystone XL route

See this article from the Daily Kos re Nebraska governor asks state supreme court to overturn lower court ruling on Keystone XL route    by  Meteor BladesFollow  [and furnished to the SEA Change blog by Leonard.]

In February, Lancaster County, Nebraska, Judge Stephanie Stacy declared unconstitutional and void the 2011 law transferring authority to the governor for approving the routing of the Keystone XL pipeline.

At immediate issue was the revised route of the pipeline through Nebraska. The original route through fragile wetlands was one of the reasons President Obama had turned down builder TransCanada’s first application to build the 1,167-mile northern segment of the pipeline. TransCanada subsequently presented a new application with a revised route. This was approved by the governor’s office, which had received legislative authority to recommend or reject the pipeline. Previously, such decisions were up to the state’s Public Service Commission. Stacy’s ruling means review of the pipeline route must be placed back in the hands of that five-member commission unless she is overruled on appeal.

On Monday, Republican Gov. Dave Heineman asked the state supreme court to do just that, overturn Stacy’s decision.



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