April 2014 Meeting Notes

Following are the notes from the April 2014 SEA Meeting

Attendees:   Mike, Mark, Mary, Connie, Ellen, Leonard, Kathy, Susan, Dan, Dave, Jim  Meeting convened at Leonard & Kathy’s on 20 April at 1835h.

Agenda Review:  A 10-minute presentation by Connie on the West Coast Climate Campaign was added.

Check out the Cascadia Climate Calendar for upcoming opportunities to be involved!

Action Items:

Tally of actions since our March 2014 meeting.   Mark took a tally of the many actions by SEA activist members.  These will be tallied for end-of-the-year summary.

(Events tallied included: Climate Art Build, Thank you to Senators, Bidder 70 documentary,  Beyond Coal Monthly Mtg, Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance Training, Cool Jazz for a Warming Planet, Moisture Festival, Seattle Mtg of 350.org, Citizens Climate Lobby, Green Drinks & Sightline Reception)

Climate Quote:

“… the amount of oil moved by rail nationwide has jumped from less than 10,000 train carloads a year in 2008 to a projected 400,000 carloads last year”  from “Surging Oil Traffic Puts Region At Risk” in the Sunday Seattle Times 20 April 2014.  This article is recommended to members.

Action Review & Planning:

Shell Refinery Hearing of the NW Clean Air Agency on  30April at 10AM is our group focus for this upcoming month, as approved by majority vote.  We can show your concern about local emissions affecting air quality by attending the meeting or by submitting letters by 30April.   A follow-up email regarding where to send letters and to coordinate carpooling is planned.  This is our new group focus for May 2014, given that the KXL pipeline decision has been delayed by the White House.

What Can This Group Do to Facilitate More Action?  Brainstorming generated the following ideas:

… Ice Cream Socials

… Attend Connecting the Dots Meeting at Seattle U. on 27April

… Hosting Support … Help the Host

… Daily Kos Blogging … Large Environmental Contingent …

… Connect with University Environmental Studies Programs …

… Connect as a Group with Other Groups

… Clearly delineate one method of communication … discussion vs alerts …

… Sunday dinners at SEA meetings … meeting during a potluck or at a restaurant …

… Accountability …

… Ask others for assistance …

… Buddy system for new members

… Brunches …

… Meeting that’s social or discussion … networking

… Attend to the calendar of upcoming events

… Invite a larger audience, bring a friend … include with an action meeting … What is the ideal number of members?

… Skills and interest sheet …

… Smaller groups, subcommittees, with special interests

… Orientation to SEA Tools for new members

… Fundraisers


West Coast Climate Campaign briefing report presented by Connie.

    • Coalition of WA, OR, CA & BC is more powerful when acting regionally versus as individual states.  It can be a driver for national action and it builds on CA & BC programs already enacted.
    • Focus is on carbon pricing, clean fuel standards & fighting sabotage by fossil fuel industries.
    • Many coalitions are already in place, e.g. Climate Solutions, WA Environmental Council, 350.org, etc. as well as with Public Health and Labor groups.
    • Like-to-like outreach is planned.
    • Engaging legislators on a carbon tax or cap & trade is key.
    • Re-taking the WA Senate for the Democrats is needed.
    • Push to phase out coal and drive investments in clean energy & a grid is planned.
    • Identifying options through research is important.

Discussion & Outreach:  Mike will present on discussion & outreach regarding climate change prior to our next meeting, beginning at 4:45 PM.  A quorum of members is interested.

Years of Living Dangerously Documentary– is now showing on Showtime.  Some members will gather to see the first episode as a group.  Rich Voget will record future episodes and offer showings.

SEA Tools were discussed.

Oil Trains Posters on Metro Buses cost $23 per poster through 350.org.  There was support for funding these posters.

Party, Activity & Fund-Raising combined in one meeting was discussed.  This will be considered further at May Meeting.


Our group action is the Shell Refinery Hearing by the NW Clean Air Agency.  Attend the meeting or submit a letter by 30April.  Here is more info about the hearing:  https://www.google.com/calendar/render?eid=NnVhbHNrampyYWNkb2htaG91NXZvNnNpZjggNzJkaDVlaG9sM291ZmJrdXNxYWd0YTBxZjhAZw&ctz=America/Los_Angeles&sf=true&output=xml

Connect the Dots Meeting on 27April at Seattle U.  Consider attending.

Consider attending Connect the Dots Meeting at Seattle U on 27April.  Sign up is at  https://backbonecampaign.wufoo.com/forms/connecting-the-dots/  

Try to Do One (at least one climate) Thing this month!   

Next Meeting will by on 18 May, 2014.  Pre-meeting presentation by Mike begins at 4:45, snacks are at 6:00 and monthly meeting begins at 6:30.

    • Host: Connie & Rich
    • Facilitator: Susan
    • Notetaker: Jim
    • Time Keeper: Dave
    • Action Lead: Mary

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