March Meeting Notes

Following are the notes from the March 2014 SEA Meeting


Attendees: Leonard, Rich, Connie, Isa, Mary, Mark, Karen, Dan, Basilia, Kathy, Emilia, Mike, Susan, James
Agenda Review:  No changes or additions were made to the agenda.  See:
Action Items
Tally of actions since January 1, 2014.   Mary took a tally of the many actions by SEA activist members, including those submitted on line by the PollDaddy Survey.  All these will be tallied for end of year summary.
Review list of upcoming actions: 

The action for May will be nonviolent civil disobedience action for responding to the decision on the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline.  This civil disobedience will take place if the KXL is approved.  The EIS stated that the pipeline would not increase greenhouse gases.  We disagree with this and fear that this leads the way for pipeline approval.

For March and April our task will to be get trained for nonviolent civil disobedience. (NVCD). Trainings are listed on the calendar  The next training is March 29, 2014.

For other upcoming events related to climate change see:

The Group Focus for action for March and April will the KXL training listed above.  The point person will be Dan.  Here is a link  for more information and to sign up:

In addition, for the April meeting: There will be an opportunity to discuss climate outcomes if you’d like to come early (5:45p).  Mike will provide background information and lead the discussion.

At the next meeting we will discuss what helps address climate change the most.  Take time to think about this so that we can report our ideas next time.

Other Items:
SEA Tools:


Mary and Isa have set up and are maintaining an online calendar.  This Cascadia Climate Calendar pulls in events from many sources. Take a look – it is amazing.  Although this is still not ready for release to the general public your input is appreciated.  Email:  Until it is ready to go live, see the current Cascadia Climate Calendar here.

Other: David presented a draft pamphlet that he made on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  See a copy here:   David will be expanding the pamphlet, and adding endnotes for sources, over the next couple of months.
Anyone is welcome to print it out for personal use, but is not ready to not go out publicly until references have been added and final edits made.  i
Meeting Action:  
Letter Writing to the Northwest Clean Air Agency of Washington State (.

Rich presented a public notice regarding the Shell Oil Refinery near Anacortes. Shell is requesting a permit to send tons of pollutants into the air.  With enough public comments, a hearing will be held.  Letters were written requesting a public comment hearing. Twelve letters were written and submitted to be mailed at the meeting.  Information can be found at: And



For March and April, our task will be to get training for participating in the No KXL Pipeline action in May.  A great opportunity is to attend the training on March 29th See:

Come at 5:45pm  next meeting if you would like to talk about climate outcome.

Next meeting we will discuss what helps address climate change the most.  Take time to think about this so that we can report our ideas next time.

For Next Meeting which will be on April 20, 2014 (Easter)

Host: Rich & Connie

Facilitator: Rich

Notetaker: Jim

Timekeeper: Dan



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