Update on EPA Coal Fired Power Plant Regulation Process

In an article in today’s NY Times:  E.P.A. Staff Struggling to Create Pollution Rule the fine line that must be walked by regulations being drafted to control emissions from coal fired power plants is described.   On the one hand if they aren’t stringent enough the US will not be able to meet it’s 2020 CO2 emissions goals and if they are too stringent there will be political challenges and the risk that there won’t be sufficient alternative energy sources to replace the energy lost when the coal plants close due to inability to meet the regulatory requirements.

Read the full article for a further description of the role of the states that will need to implement the final rules and the opposition that is preparing to fight any reduction in the use of coal for electrical energy generation.

                                                                                      NY Times article by CORAL DAVENPORT FEB. 4, 2014

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