Ten Key Numbers In Keystone XL Pipeline Report

The Washington Post analysis of the EIS on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline include:

1 million. That’s the number of barrels per day that western Canada could have the capacity to load and ship by the end of this year. One of the factors Obama administration officials are weighing is whether the oil extracted in Alberta would be shipped by rail anyway if the State Department denies TransCanada a permit to build the pipeline. It is worth noting that the report projects that volume of oil would not likely be shipped by rail until 2030, assuming there are certain pipeline constraints and the global price of oil is above $105 per barrel in 2020, and $135 per barrel a decade late.

28 to 42 percent. That’s how much higher a percentage of greenhouse gas emissions would result from transporting the 830,000 barrels of heavy crude by train to U.S. oil refineries, instead of a pipeline.

17 percent. That’s how much more carbon-intense the heavy crude extracted in the oil sands is, compared with the average oil used in the United States.

Read the rest of the story for more of the numbers.  Note that these are from the EIS as written by a contractor with some evident conflicts of interest and ties with the pipeline proponents.  Nevertheless, they may be critical to address in writing comments or letters on the EIS that was just released and expressing your position to Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama.


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