Keystone XL EIS is out! Finding: “negligible impact on climate”

The pipeline EIS has now been released. Not too surprisingly, the EIS says that the pipeline will not significantly impact climate (!).

A long-awaited environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline released Friday by the State Department found the project would have a negligible impact on climate change, bolstering the case for the controversial project as it heads to the White House for a decision on its construction – [article here]

Here’s a story with some background, looking specifically at the state department:

TransCanada Corporation wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hillary Clinton has helped to make that happen. TransCanada has two of Hillary Clinton’s friends working for it. And Clinton’s State Department allowed the environmental impact statement to be written by a contractor that was chosen by TransCanada, the pipeline company – [article here]

What’s next? There’s now a 90-day period for a National Interest Determination [presumably starting today, 1/31/14]. If the NID is favorable then Obama has two weeks to issue the formal approval. During those same two weeks, Credo and other organizations will be organizing demonstrations & actions around the country, including here in Seattle. Looks likely that those events will indeed happen, with the timing likely to be sometime in May.

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