Feb 2014 SEA Meeting Info

The Seattle Environmental Activists will meet on the third Sunday of February 16th at David W..d’s home from 6:00 t0 8:00 pm.  Mike will be facilitator, Karen notetaker, and Isa timekeeper.

Agenda follows:

I.  Opening: Mike  [10 min]

  • Agenda review
  • Introductions
  • Time, place & people for next meeting
  1. Upcoming action opportunities  [30 min]
  • KXL pipeline action: Mike [10 min]
  • All other: Mary M [20 min] (see below or:


III.  Online calendar: Mary M . [5 min]https://seattleenvironmentalactivists.wordpress.com/sea-change-calendar/cascadia-climate-calendar/ IV. Proposals on process  [15 min]

  • Standard agenda: Mary M  [10 min]
  • Meeting roles: Mark  [5 min]
V.  Issues briefing + letter writing: Emilia   [30 min] 

Thanks for all you do!

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