Trans Pacific Partnership Update

The push to give the President Fast Track Authority with regard to the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement is increasing and it may come up for a vote soon.   The vote pretty much will determine whether TPP is enacted, since if it is fast tracked Congress will not be given an opportunity to change any of its provisions when it comes up for a vote.   As Mike says:  the environmental chapter “is as bad as we thought. You can find it, and some analysis, at ”   Mother Jones has provided this summary of the TPP for those who want some more background and analysis.    Here is the NYTimes Editorial on the TPP that talks about how some countries are working to allow for undermining environmental regulations, rather than strengthening them and seems to assume that enforcement of environmental regulations in other trade agreements is happening.  For another viewpoint, Paul Krugman doesn’t see the likely impact from the agreement without China being included.

On January 31st, International Day of Action, there will be an event held at Westlake Mall in downtown Seattle to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership, its secret negotiation and to urge our representatives to not approve fast track authority, so that when it comes up for a vote there will be an opportunity for Congress to scrutinize the provisions and assess their potential impact on environmental regulations and climate change, as well as labor and other provisions.

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