December SEA Holiday Gathering: Informative and Fun!

The annual holiday gathering of the Seattle Environmental Activists, including friends, relatives, and new supporters on December 8th at the home of Karen and David was again a fun and informative event as well as an opportunity to meet new people concerned about climate disruption who want to take action now while the turning back of greenhouse gas emissions will have a greater impact.  Climate related videos, handouts and resources were available for those who wished to peruse them, as well as a climate knowledge ice breaker devised by Basilia.

The discussions among attendees was lively and the short presentation by Mike, Mark, and Jack on what SEA has been accomplished and upcoming opportunities was inspiring and educational.     Everyone enjoyed meeting the new people who joined the party and shared their backgrounds and concerns related to climate change, along with their other interests.

An invited guest, Maddy Buchman, a high school student who is tackling the issue of gas-powered leaf blowers introduced her initiative to get the City of Seattle to ban them to the group and received spontaneous applause from the many people who find these garden tools polluting and noisy.   Many signed Maddy’s petition and were interested in helping further on her effort.  For more information on this effort go to her Ban Leaf Blowers website.

The next SEA meeting will be on January 19, 2014 at Isa’s home, with Mark facilitating.  Send any agenda suggestions to Mark or to   An email will be sent out to the SEA Alerts email list in early January with further information about the meeting.   If you aren’t receiving these emails and would like to send a request to or go to the Help Page and follow instructions there.




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