Tar Sands Protestors Arrested in Oregon – Need Support

From 350-Seattle:   $150,000 Bail set today for 15 activists (10,000 each) in Oregon

Bail+Legal Fund needs you to DONATE NOW

To support 350Seattle HUB member, Carlo Voli, 2 other Seattle activists and 12 Portland Rising Tide members.  These activists bravely locked themselves in disabled vehicles to block the 901,000 lbs Tar Sands Mega-Load giant heat exchanger on its route to the Alberta Tar Sands along OR hwy 26. Police arrested 4 activists and 11 support people at the two blockade sites using pain compliance to force them to unlock.  Bail and legal support are urgently needed.  The load is 22 feet wide, 18 feet tall and 376 feet in length. A similarly-sized load toppled Tuesday evening in Gladstone, OR, blocking part of I-205 for hours.  Readabout the 6 actions which have been taken in WA and OR this month to try to stop this mega-load.  Their bail was set unusually high at 10,000 each.  They were released to day, but help is needed to pay the money that went to the bondsman. CONTRIBUTE NOW to their Legal Support. Dig deep.


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