Is there Hope? Or are we just…

David Roberts, a writer for Grist, asks the question that anyone concerned about what climate change will bring must at some time ask:  “Is there any hope Or are we just f*cked?”   in his article Hope and Fellowship.

The article is worth reading in its entirety and has the following conclusion, which seems to particularly relate to the why the Seattle Environmental Activists has come into existence:

Remember, there is no “too late” here, no “game over” — it will be a tragedy to shoot past 2 degrees to 3, but 4 is worse than 3, and 5 is worse than 4. Being unprepared for any of those will be much worse than being prepared. The future always forks; there are always better and worse paths ahead. There’s always a difference to be made.

When we ask for hope, then, I think we’re just asking for fellowship. The weight of climate change, like any weight, is easier to bear with others. And if there’s anything I’ve learned in these last 10 years, it’s that there are many, many others. They are out there, men and women of extraordinary imagination, courage, and perseverance, pouring themselves into this fight for a better future

You are not alone. And as long as you are not alone, there is always hope.

Seems like that is what fuels the Seattle Environmental Activists!

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