King County Council Considering Coal Export Resolution: Call and support it!

From Power Past Coal and Climate Solutions.  It is easy to call the Council at 206 296-1000 and tell them that you support resolution against coal exports that is under consideration.   All you need to give them is your name and address.  Urge them to act!

PPC logo square           CS logoYou helped get over 200,000 (!!) comments in on the Longview coal export proposal. THANK YOU. Now we need you to weigh in with your local leaders.

The King County Council is considering a resolution raising serious concerns about the negative impacts of coal export.

Please take a moment to call the council and let them know that you are opposed to coal export and urge them to “vote yes for the resolution that is under consideration”

King County Council:  206-296-1000 

Coal export is a bad deal for King County.  It would mean large numbers of trains carrying the dirtiest fossil fuel on earth in open cars, with associated health and traffic impacts.  Taxpayers would be doling out money for necessary rail upgrades, simply benefiting the pockets of coal companies.  And, of course, an additional 100 million tons of coal burned in Asia would continue to stoke the climate crisis.

Tell the King County Council:  coal export is bad for King County and you urge them to “vote yes on the coal export resolution “.

King County Council:  206-296-1000 


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