SEA at Coal-Fired Power Plant Hearing 11/7/2013

Members of the Seattle Environmental Activists participated in one of 11 public listening sessions that EPA has scheduled to gather input for use in the development of new regulatory guidelines that will reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions from existing coal fired power plants on Thursday, November 7, 2013, as well as the press conference that preceded the listening session.

 Dan stands up for Beyond Coal at News Conference

Dan stands up with Beyond Coal Activists at News Conference

Statements can be submitted in writing to EPA until November 30, 2013 at:

EPA’s website states:

Power plants are the nation’s largest stationary source of carbon pollution, responsible for about one third of all greenhouse gases in the United States.

The Clean Air Act gives both EPA and states a role in reducing air pollution from power plants that are already in operation. The law directs EPA to establish guidelines, which states use to design their own programs to reduce emissions. Before proposing guidelines, EPA must consider how power plants with a variety of configurations would be able to reduce carbon pollution in cost-effective ways.

The feedback from the listening sessions will play an important role in helping EPA develop smart, cost-effective guidelines that reflect the latest and best information available.

SEA members present included Mary M, Karen, David, Dan and Rich.  Dan and Rich also provided oral testimony in favor of strong regulations.   Again, written comments can be submitted to EPA through the end of November 2013, at:  They are looking for the best ideas on techniques and approaches that will efficiently, economically, and effectively reduce these harmful emissions under the authority of Section 111 of the Clean Air Act.

Rich’s oral and written statements can be found on this SEA Change page.  Dan paraphrased his testimony as follows:

I said that I am retired and why should I care.  Then I spoke of the photo of the Earth as taken by the Apollo from the moon, and then of the photo with the little arrow of the little dot taken from Saturn.  The little blue planet is so precious.  I did read a little from my sheet: It seems obvious to me that we cannot continue to spew large quantities of pollutants into our world without severe consequences.  Logically we need to increasingly limit over time the various pollutants that we expel.  Yes it may cost more.  We cannot continue to outsource our pollution.  So we must have an increasingly strict control on the source of our pollution.  For the sake of this precious little jewel of a tiny planet.

Dan ended with the excellent questions:  “Are we crazy?  Are we crazy?”


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