October 2013 SEA Meeting Notes

 The meeting was held at Bruce and Ruth’s house.  Attendees included Mike, Basilia, Ellen, Isa, Susan, Jack, Ruth, Bruce, Mark, and Mary.  Mike facilitated, Susan served as Town Criers, Jack took notes, and Basilia was the Timekeeper.  The meeting began with introductions to ensure that everyone know everyone else. 

Town Crier:  Reports of recent activities by SEA members

 Coal Trains: Isa and Mary attended a EIS Scoping hearing in Tacoma on Oct 17th for the proposed Longview terminal.  An estimated 800 people attended, most of them wearing red T-shirts opposing the coal trains and favoring a broad environmental impact statement that includes impact on the environment and health.

Plant for the Planet:  Bruce, Jack, Basilia, Mike, Ellen and Alan are involved in helping with two Plant for the Planet Academies occurring on October 26, one at Jane Addams school and the other at Martin Luther King.  Most attended training on October 5.  Collectively they are involved with various aspects of the events, from food to name tags to tree-planting to leading small groups of children who will be attending the academies.

Fossil Fuel Divestiture:  Mary D has been recognized by the Episcopal Diocese for her initiative to have the diocese divest itself of investments in fossil fuel companies.   Her efforts were mentioned in a sermon on September 22.  Mary began these efforts at the grass roots within her own parish.

Citizens Climate Lobby Training: Mary M and Mary D attended training provided by the National CCL on how to set up and run a local chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.  A group from Bellingham was present who were certified to return and begin meetings and lobbying for a Fee and Dividend on Carbon Emissions with their political representatives.  Isa has become a participant in that group as she lives at Cherry Point on weekends.   Information on the national and local chapters can be found at:  http://citizensclimatelobby.org  including where a local meeting can be found for the 1st Saturday morning meetings each month.

 Carbon Tax:  Mary D’s letter, “Carbon Tax Is A Good Solution,” was printed by the Seattle Times on Sunday, Sept 15, 2013.

Meeting of Reps of Groups Working on Climate Action:  A meeting of representatives from many of the city’s groups working on climate problems was called by Mike Ruby of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby at the Greenwood Library on Oct 1, 2013.   Mary M attended and made connections with a number of activists and groups that included:   350-Seattle, Citizens Climate Lobby, Sustainable Seattle (SCALLOPS), Sightline, Sierra Club, Plant for the Planet, Earth Ministry, Carbon Washington, Climate Solutions, Washington Environmental Council, City of Seattle Office of Sustainability, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action – Environment Committee.  Anyone wishing to get in touch with or learn more about any of these groups or their reps should contact Mary M.

Action Opportunities

Climate Legislative Executive Workgroup (CLEW):  This group, convened by Governor Inslee, is holding a hearing on October 23 to hear what the public thinks the State of Washington should be doing to address climate change. The Climate Legislative Executive Workgoup (CLEW) is developing recommendations for how WA can reduce its carbon pollution targets.  You can support Governor Inslee by coming to the hearing, whether you are able to speak or wish to submit written comments.

November 18 is the last day to submit comments regarding the proposed Longview port.  See the link on the SEA blog .

Mike O’Brien phone bank.  Basilia has done phone-calling for Mike O’Brien’s campaign.  It was proposed that SEA do this together as a group if a day/time can be found.  Several said they would be interested, including Basilia, Ellen, Susan, Mark, Bruce, Mary, and Jack

On October 31, from 1:00-4:00 p.m., the Foster School of business is hosting a symposium on “Business Risks of Climate Change.”

Earth Music Seattle will perform on Nov 24, from 3:00-6:00 at Plymouth Congregational Church downtown.  The concert is a benefit for ____________

Plant for the Planet:  Volunteers are welcome to assist at the Plant for the Planet Academies on October 26th.  See earlier entry for ways to help.

Video: The groups watched the video LAST HOURS for Humanity
which is available at this website:  http://ecowatch.com/2013/10/08/last-hours-for-humanity/   It provided a sobering look at what the likely impact from the release of methane into the atmosphere will be as global warming melts tundra and underseabed pockets of this extremely powerful Greenhouse Gas.

Holiday Party

The group decided to hold a holiday party on December 8, from  5:00-8:00.  The emphasis will on socializing, and with only a short meeting to review what SEA has done in the past year and what the upcoming year might bring.  It was suggested that a short video might be included as well.  SEA members are encouraged to reach out to others who might be interested in learning about our activities.  We will send a “save the date” notice soon, and engage in more detailed planning at the

Letter writing to Inslee for CLEW

The group spent some time writing letters to Governor Inslee in support of his CLEW initiative.   These letters can be submitted to the bipartisan workgroup through the fall.  For more information and a link to submit comments go to the CLEW Website. 

November Meeting

When: November 17, 6:00-6:30 socializing; 6:30-8:00 meeting

Where: Ellen’s home

Facilitator: Bruce W

Time keeper: Ellen

Note Taker: Mary

Agenda: possible topics

  • Holiday party planning
  • Review the “Town Crier” format: is it working?
  • Report on Plant for the Planet event
  • Educating ourselves about carbon tax vs. cap and trade

Thank you to Jack for taking these notes and all for their participation.  Submit any additional topics for the coming agenda to Bruce.


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