Action Opportunities for October – November

Hearings:  Be Seen and/or Heard on Climate:  Three high priority action opportunities coming up are:

10/23/13 – CLEW PUBLIC HEARING with Governor Inslee’s Climate Legislative Executive Workgroup (CLEW), at 2211 Alaskan Way, Bell Harbor Inn, will hear comments on what the public thinks the State of Washington should be doing to address climate change. The Climate Legislative Executive Workgoup (CLEW) is developing recommendations for how WA can reduce it’s carbon pollution targets. Your presence and voice for stopping coal plants and fossil fuel export is important. More information: submit written comments at:   Support Governor Inslee by coming to the hearing, whether you are able to speak or wish to submit written comments.

11/7/2013 – Public Sessions on Reducing Carbon Pollution from Existing Power Plants  

Thursday, November 7, 2013
TIME: 3:00 – 6:00 pm PST
US EPA Region 10
Jackson Federal Bldg.
915 Second Ave.

For more information on these sessions and to register online, go to: For those who cannot attend these sessions, input can be e-mailed to by November 8, 2013.

More information about EPA’s carbon pollution standards for the power sector:

11/18/13 –  Deadline for submitting Comments in re Scope for EIS on Longview Coal Port on what the scope for the Environmental Impact assessment should be for the proposed coal port at Longview.   This can be done online through the EIS scoping comment form for Millennium Bulk Terminals, by email or mailed written comments.

Political Campaigns:   Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Councilman and a strong supporter of actions to prevent climate change, is looking for volunteers to help with his campaign.  The following message summarizes what they are hoping to get help with:

    • We currently have our upcoming phone bank dates and venues listed here: We’d love to coordinate an evening of phone banking and build some excitement around a specific date. Of course, we could also promote other dates as well, providing folks with a few options other than the designated “SEA night.”
    • We’d ask you to help us publicize the event(s)and let us know roughly the number of volunteers you might expect to turn out. Our goal is to host 15 volunteers per evening and the campaign will help with general recruiting as well. [If SEA not interested in focusing on a specific phone bank evening, perhaps you’d consider simply promoting phone bank/other volunteer opportunities to your members and friends.]

Other:  350 Seattle provides a variety of activities to follow up on the Draw the Line event on September 21st at Myrtle Edwards Park on the Seattle Waterfront, including hearings, letter and comment opportunities, phone banking, and tabling, among others.



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