Action Opportunities re Longview Coal Terminal Proposal

Opportunities to volunteer related to the EIS Scoping Hearing in Tacoma on Oct 17th: This link will take you to a Sierra Club google spread sheet for volunteers.  There are  tabs at the bottom for the activities where the Sierra Club and the Coal Free WA campaign can use volunteers or participants to increase their impact in opposing coal exports through Longview, WA.   Sign up to go to the Hearing, get a seat on the Sierra Club bus, table or phone bank to let people know about this event and related opportunities to participate.

There is a Coal Hearing Forum at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 6512 23rd Ave NW, Seattle on Wed, Oct 9th, from 6-8 pm.  Learn more about the issues and how you can help oppose the export of coal through Washington.

If there are questions, give Robin Everett at the Sierra Club a call or email:

Robin Everett
Organizing Representative
206-378-0114 x308
949-338-5356 (cell, for reporters or urgent matters)

The same type of input on scoping, whether through letters, phone calls, on line, or at hearings that was provided on the proposed Cherry Point terminal are generally needed for the proposed Longview terminal.   Submit your input during the scoping period!

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