September 2013 Meeting Notes

The meeting was held at Jack’s house

Mark became “dictator” at 6:33 PM     😉
In attendance: Basilia, Bruce, Connie, Ellen, Jack, Jo, Karen, Mark, Mike, Rich, Susan.

Town Crier shout-outs
– Mary Davies- has another letter to The Editor published
– Mary Manous did 3 hours of data entry for the Sierra Club supporting their work to combat the coal trains.
– Bruce had several items
1. mid- Nov meeting set up w/ Zoe, (Plant for the Plant or PLANT) to add her narration to their slide show to post on YouTube
2. Ruth, (his house mate who teaches marketing for sustainabilty projects) suggested her students could mentor the Ambassadors in marketing for PLANT
3. John Lew (sp?) cameraman for
reversing desertification in China “the planet is a garden that needs to be tended”

Item 1

Lots of ideas were generated and there were lots of ideas generated at the previous meeting w/ Michael and Zoe as well

Item 2
How to educate ourselves about the differences between cap and trade and carbon tax. We agreed that we would postpone discussion or research on this topic until it comes more to a head with the Washington State government panels on the topic.

Take-away assignments

– Ellen will talk to Michael Foster about what would be entailed by presentation/assembly for a class or school
– Rich (who has already been working w/ Michael for a while now) will send out a SEA-alert with links on the website for:
a) kids to sign up for the Ambassador training on 10/26/13
b) adults to sign up to be trained as facilitators on 10/5/13
c) teachers to sign up for presentations
– Mike will organize a meeting w/ Michael Foster and Rich, the focus being: what can we do to help, specifically w/ the facilitator meeting (10/5) and the Ambassador trainings (10/26). Ellen, Jack & Basilia agreed to come too.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Bruce’s place on October 20th.
Facilitator: Mike
Note Taker: Jack
Time Keeper: Basilia
Town Crier: Susan


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