SEActivists Show Up for Climate Action – September


Photo includes some of the SEActivists at the 350 Seattle Draw the Line event, including Connie and Rich V, Isa W, Mary M, Mary D, Ellen, Bruce, and others.  Connie, Rich, Isa and Mary M came early to help set up for the very successful local event that occurred simultaneously with many others across the country.

Among the climate activist groups who supported and worked on the event, besides SEA, were Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, Friends of the Earth, Climate Solutions, WA Carbon Tax, Backbone Campaign, Coal Free Bellingham, Plant for the Planet, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Rising Tide and the iMatter Campaign.  Mayor McGinn introduced Bill McKibben, Adam Gaya of 350-Seattle emceed with great energy, children and others spoke with passion and eloquence on the need to stop global warming and keep fossil fuels in the ground.   Mike O’Brien and other political and environmental leaders were also there to show their support.

See the Seattle Times article for local news coverage that estimates 600 attendees came on what was predicted to be a rainy day, but turned out beautiful and sunny.   The site was right between the rain tracks that currently carry coal  north by train and will potentially bear 18 additional trains daily if the Cherry Point terminal in Bellingham is approved.


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