Carbon Tax LTE to Seattle Times

Carbon Tax Is A Good Solution, a letter to the editor by Mary Davies  was printed by the Seattle Times on Sunday, Sept 15, 2013. Click Congressional Hearing on Climate Change or read below:

Boy, do we need some congressional attention to climate change. [“Special report: Sea Change,”, Sept. 13.].

The House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce is actually holding a hearing on Sept. 18.

However, the title is, “The Obama Administration’s Climate Change Policies and Activities.” Since many House members have been critical of President Obama’s intention to use the Environmental Protection Agency to bypass a neglectful Congress, it looks like this hearing could turn into another negative exercise, instead of a serious look at the critical, urgent matter of responding to carbon dioxide emissions increases.

What if, instead of attacking the president’s plan, the hearing focused on the science and on solutions that might provide an alternative to regulations?

I’m guessing many of the conservatives and former presidential advisers who favor a carbon tax are itching to be invited. A carbon tax that gives revenue back to the taxpayer is a truly conservative, market-based approach.

Distributing the carbon-tax revenue back to the public would give consumers the additional income to deal with the price increases that would result from companies paying this tax. Making the carbon tax revenue-neutral aligns with the Republican principle of keeping the federal government from growing larger.

Let’s not just sit back and see what happens at the hearing. Let’s urge our representatives to broaden the agenda of their climate-change hearing to focus on science and solutions.                       – Mary Davies, Seattle

Also, see the recent LTE from  Yorman Bauman, an economist working with the Sightline Institute, who also performs as the Stand Up Economist to explain the value of a Washington State carbon tax.  Op-ed: Maintain state’s transportation network with a carbon tax.

Yorman also can be seen on You Tube addressing the need for a carbon tax with some added humor!


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