Seattle Environmental Activist (SEA) Purpose Statement

SEA Purpose Statement


Seattle Environmental Activists (SEA) is a group of citizens who came together out of concern for the  environment. Our organization is action-oriented and provides a place for people to build community  and act together on behalf of the environment.

We believe:
 Environmental issues have become increasingly urgent. We only have a few years left if we want to  prevent irreversible climate and environmental change. We no longer have the luxury of inaction.

 Individual efforts to consume less energy, reduce, reuse, and recycle, are still important but by themselves they are not enough to bring about the kinds of changes that are needed immediately.
 Government policies are necessary to propel our nation forward to reduce our national  environmental footprint.
To bring change to Washington DC, many people must speak up and take action to offset the resistance of corporate interests, corporate money and politics.
Members are involved in one or more of the following ways:

  •  Writing letters, calling or visiting elected representatives or other decision-makers, urging them to act in support of the environment.
  •  Attending rallies or protests in support of environmental issues.
  •  Proposing environmental actions that the group may want to support.
  •  Sharing articles, information, thoughts and discussion about the environment.
  •  Making others outside of the group aware of the urgency of environmental issues and what they can do to help.
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