SEA Action: July – August 2013

Following are some activities participated in by SEA members in the last month or so toward the cause of reducing climate disruption (if you have done something that isn’t listed, please add it in comments, or a separate post!):

Sierra Club – Beyond Coal Third Thursday’s workgroup:  Isa attended and participated in the planning for the next series of EIS scoping hearings, this time for the proposed coal export terminal at Longview, WA, heard about tabling opportunities and connected on the 350 Seattle Coal Workgroup’s plan to do outreach at the Sustainable Ballard Festival on September 29th.  If you want to come to participate in action with this group meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 -8:00 pm.  Contact Robin Everett if you have any questions or want to get involved at 206 378-0114 or see  Beyond Coal Washington.

Trans Pacific Partnership and Carbon Tax Presentation:  Mary M and Isa attended a 350 Seattle and Seattle University Sustainability Program sponsored presentation on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement that is being negotiated in secret by the US and other countries around the Pacific and beyond to limit the ability of countries to impose labor and environmental regulations on imports that could impact their profits.  For more information go to

It is important to thank Rep McDermott for opposing fast tracking this agreement and to urge other representatives to do the same.  We will learn later this month whether there will be a negotiation next month in Vancouver BC.  If so there will be opportunities for action and you should get your passports ready!  Use these links to find out more: and  Mother Jones has an article on the TPP that provides the background on The Biggest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard About, Explained.

A second presentation by Yorum Bauman, “The World’s Only Stand-Up Economist” on the potential of a carbon tax in Washington State like that being used successfully in British Columbia.  They are looking to get people to help with initiative signatures to get it on the ballot in 2014.  See the Carbon Washington website for details   Yorum is a PhD economist who gives an excellent presentation on the value of a carbon tax to changing behavior away from fossil fuel use in a tax neutral way.   Also, very amusing!  He could be a could contact for other events!

Add to this in the comments, below, or posting a new one with any activities that you know of by Seattle Environmental Activists!  Inspire your friends!


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