350’s Coast to Coast Stop the Pipeline Action

From National 350.org: Less than one week after 350 first put out the call to action, we’ve already heard from people coast-to-coast who are ready to Draw the Line on Keystone XL on September 21st.

In New York City, folks will be laying down chalk lines to show where the sea level would rise unless we take serious action against climate change. In Texas, our friends from the Tar Sands Blockade are joining the day of action to confront tar sands polluters who are already contaminating communities along the southern leg of the pipeline. In Nebraska, volunteers will be raising a solar barn in the immediate path of the pipeline, literally building the future we need instead of tar sands oil.

Organizations big and small are joining in because it’s so clear that the tar sands pose a direct risk to our climate, health and safety — and it’s time that President Obama got that message and stopped the pipeline once and for all.

Hosting an action is easy, and there’s a step-by-step guide that can help you along the way, including ideas you can use for actions.

Right now, it’s crucial that we line up as many actions as possible, so that we can spend the next few weeks recruiting and building up momentum for the day itself. If you’re ready to lead an event on Sept. 21st, click here to register a Draw the Line action in your community: act.350.org/event/draw_the_line/create/

We’re also hosting a video chat Wednesday 8/21 (tomorrow) at 9 PM Eastern Time, 6 PM Pacific to talk about the key issues involved in this day of action, and what you need to know to host an event. 350.org’s executive director May Boeve will be on, as well as Clayton Thomas-Muller from the Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign to discuss the fight in Canada and Cherri Foytlin from Bridge the Gulf to discuss the southern leg of the pipeline.

To tune in, click here when the time comes and press play: act.350.org/thanks/dtl-9-21-video-chat-reminder/

If we’ve learned anything from the last two years of our work to stop the pipeline, it’s that mass action is the strongest tool we have to fight back against big oil. Draw the Line follows in the footsteps of incredible actions from DC, to Texas to the Bay Area.

We’ve also learned that we need leaders of all stripes to step up to win this fight. It can’t be done by any one person — no matter how strong their vision — or even any one organization. As Bill McKibben put it in a recent article: we need a leader-full movement to win this struggle.

And at this moment, with the President voicing doubts about the pipeline, we need leadership from all corners of the country on September 21st. Click here to register an event and get started with planning.

Talk soon,


P.S. if you’d like a reminder about the video chat tomorrow, click here.

350.org is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email alerts. You can help power our work by getting involved locally, sharing your story, and donating here. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here.

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