Jim McDermott “Town Hall”

So I decided to go listen to the “Town Hall” meeting with Representative Jim McDermott, which was held at an average sized coffee house on Main Str. in Edmonds, a new part of the seventh congressional district, and I had an interesting and fun time, and I wore my red “Beyond Coal Exports” tee shirt. I thought that, if I was really lucky, I could bring up a topic to the meeting as a possible discussion point, though my voice is probably too weak to project to many in the pact crowd, which was at standing room only crowded; as in: if you had a seat, you could not see through the standees in the room. There was only one minor environmental issue brought up in the meeting, regarding possible new dams on some of Washington’s rivers. So I had to accept waiting for about a half hour to speak a few words with Mr. McDermott. I simply said to Representative McDermott that I represent the Seattle Environmental Activists and that we request that he work towards keeping the dirtiest fossil fuels in the ground, in the ground! After words, I was able to spend a few minutes with staff member Pete Mills to tell him that I represented the group Seattle Environmental Activists.

Pete Mills, community liaison for business, trade and the environment, and I spoke about climate change. He told me that they introduced carbon tax legislation that would use 25% of an increasing price on carbon emissions to reduce federal deficits and the other 75% for offsets of this price increase for the public. This is the Managed Carbon Price Act legislation of 2012, and that the representative is continuing to pursue this legislation. Dan O’Connor

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