Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Teach In July 17th Noon – 1:30

The Sierra Club and Washington Fair Trade are putting on the presentation to help people better understand the implications of the TPP.  At Seattle Downtown Library, Room 1, Thursday, July 17th from noon to 1:30.

  • TPP Brown Bag Teach-IN
    Thursday, July 18th Noon-1:30pmThe Trans-Pacific ‘Partnership’ (TPP) is a massive “free trade agreement” that could impact nearly every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the air we breathe to the quality of our jobs. One of the impacts of the TPP would likely be a substantial increase in U.S. natural gas exports to countries in the Pacific Rim, paving the way for more fracking across the United States.The TPP would also allow foreign corporations to sue governments directly–for unlimited cash compensation–over almost any domestic environmental or other law that the corporation believes is hurting its ability to make a profit.

    Despite the huge impact the agreement would have on our communities and the environment, the TPP is being negotiated in near complete secrecy. There is a big push to finalize the pact this October, so we have very little time to act. Please join us on July 18th to learn more about the TPP, its impacts on the environment and how we can make an impact in the upcoming months.

    What: TPP Brown-Bag Teach-IN
    Where: Seattle Central Library, Room 1 1000 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98104
    When: Thursday, July 18th, Noon-1:30pm
    Speakers Include:
    Ilana Solomon, Trade Representative, Sierra Club: Ilana joined the Sierra Club in early 2012 to lead the Club’s work on responsible trade. Ilana works to create public support for trade and investment rules that protect the environment and to shed light on the environmental threats posed by our current global trading system.

    Robin Everett, Washington State Chapter Sierra Club: Robin has worked for the Sierra Club since 2007 on a variety of environmental issues along the West Coast. Currently, she is working to stop proposals to export coal out of the North West.

    Kristen Beifus, Washington Fair Trade Coalition: The WFTC represents 66 labor, faith, environmental, family farm, student and social justice organizations, fair trade businesses and cooperatives in WA State, committed to creating a fair, balanced & sustainable global trading system.


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