Meeting Notes, June 16, 2013

The June meeting was held at Ellen’s house and was facilitated by Mark, with Dan O. taking notes, Karen keeping time, and Mary M. as “Town Crier”.  It was attended by 14 members.  Every one spoke eloquently about their reasons for participating in this group.  The meeting was brought to order at 6:35 after a half hour of socializing.

Following is a summary of the items covered and decisions made.  If there are any questions, comments, or corrections they can be submitted by email to
News about SEA members work since last meeting.

Ellen told of her journey to having solar panels installed on the roof of her home and the replacing of a oil heater to a  heat pump system.  North West Seed was helping with incentives for gathering a number of homes in a given neighborhood  to help with cost scale for the installers.  Suddenly the price point was much more attractive. The installation was very attractive as well.  Various credits are available to help in the financing.  The panels are made in Washington State!

Mary M  – “Town Crier” Meeting:  Many members have been working with various work groups  of this organization.
Citizen Climate Lobby meets the 1st Saturday (except next month will be 2nd Saturday).
Six SEA members, who were at the May meeting,  attended an envelope stuffing mailing session for Mike O’Brien for Seattle City Council.
A rally to address the U.W. Regents meeting about divestiture from fossil fuel stocks was attended by several SEA members. Good student speakers shared and the PI Online covered it with a story.  The hear the student’s statements go to the Divest UW student group’s website.

Mike D reported on the 350. org meeting and “Summer Heat” direct action plans.  Recently  the Seattle chapter of 350 has been revitalized.  They have organized into various groups:  training , tar sand and coal train groups may be combined into a group called “Keep it in the ground”; culture and community group, divestiture group and Trans Pacific Partnership group.  Training group, which Mike is a member of,  offers training on non-violent civil (NVD)disobedience.  The education group is organizing students to “Plant for the Planet” .
Actions for summer and fall: has the “Pledge of Resistance” with focus on NVD if the administration approves the Keystone XL pipeline, and 350 and Credo have pledged to put up NVD.  350 has organized  “Summer Heat”, which includes a”coal train” which turns into “ecotupia” in the Fremont Solstice Parade Saturday June 22 and can use many volunteers.  June 28th a group is going to have a “climate profiteers” bike ride to focus on SSA Marine, Shell and BNSF here in Seattle;  July 27th a “Flotilla on the River” on the Columbia in conjunction with 350 Portland will focus on stopping the moving of coal along the river:  1st to 4th August, in concert with the Back Bone Campaign group, there will be an activist training camp on Vashon Island to focus on NVD action.  On the 5th there is an event, that is the focus of this training, on the Seattle waterfront to protest the coal trains moving through Seattle.  There are many activities to plug into this summer, let’s make our voices heard!

On June 18th, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and Climate Solutions’ KC Golden spoke before a U.S. House committee regarding the need to move to sustainable energy sources and to leave fossil fuels in the ground.  The testimony of all of the witnesses, including the Army Corp of Engineers saying that they will not be doing an area-wide EIS on any of the proposed NW coal ports, as well as a video of the testimony and exchange with the House Representatives is available here:

Mike O’Brien campaign follow up:  Discussion moderated by Mark A.: Mike D. was thanked for bringing Mike O to our meeting.  A suggestion was made to help find other groups for Mr. O’Brien to meet with.  There was discussion about supporting other candidates as well.  Bill will try to come out with recommendations regarding the August primary vote.

There was a discussion about the roll of the time keeper during the meetings and the agreement seemed to be that perhaps a signal of some sort might be used instead of abrupt interruptions of the current speaker.  The facilitator is the responsible party to get agreement about time.

Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair. Mark A.  Sierra Club will have an information table, Saturday and Sunday.  To participate in the parade, as part of the “coal Train”, gather by 1:30pm, parade starts at 3:00pm.  There will be a flash mob singing a song about Climate Change from Belgium at Gas Works Park at 6:30pm.  Sign up sheets were passed around for various roles to be filled during the Fair and Parade.  For information on the Coal Train Procession for the Future, click here.

Direct Action:  The group wrote 14 letters to the University of Washington Board of Regents requesting  that the university divest it’s funds from fossil fuel company stocks, as a follow up to a meeting held at the campus by students.  It is very possible that the U.W. might be the 1st large university to join the divestiture movement.

The next meeting will be on the 3rd Sunday of July.  The Location: Home of Mary M. (weather permitting) or at home of Bruce as back up.  David will facilitate, with help from Mary M., Bruce will be time keeper, Mary S. will be note taker.

See you at the next meeting on July 21st,  Dan O’Connor

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