SEA Wave Actions – May and June 2013

Following are some actions that SEA members have taken or events that they have participated in over the last couple of months.  Ask them about their experience and watch for other opportunities to take action under the SEA Action menu.  If anything is missing from this listing, post a comment or a separate Post to SEA Waves.  Thanks for all you do!

Sierra Club Beyond Coal’s Strategic Planning and Leadership Development Day at Greenlake Community Center on May 18th:  Mark and Mary M attended along with others from Seattle and across Washington State to develop a plan for action in the coming year and learn more about stopping coal exports.

Beyond Coal Campaign – Monthly Meetings:  Regular or periodic SEA representatives who attend the Sierra Club led monthly strategy meetings on the Third Thursday evening of each month include:  Mark, Isa, Jack, and Mary M.  The next meeting will be July 19th at the Sierra Club Offices. Seattle Formation Events:   Responding to the leadership of Lynn Fitz-Hugh members of SEA and others have gotten a Seattle Chapter of up and rolling and with participation in several meetings as well as workgroups.  There have been bi-weekly meetings of the full group that will now be monthly starting in July, as well as convening of some of the workgroups and the Hub group consisting of the leaders of each of the workgroups.  Those wishing to get linked in to the meetings and activities can sign up on the website, where there is also information about national and other events and news.

  • Mike D has taken the lead in the Training workgroup that holds workshops to educate people for actions related to the pledge and has already facilitated a daylong training on how to participate in pledge related events.
  • Mary D has been engaged with the Faith Group Divestment workgroup.
  • Isa, Carol, and Mary M have been active with the Coal Trains workgroup led by Lisa Marcus and which focuses on the local and regional issues around the existing and proposed Pac NW coal trains.
  • Bill R has taken leadership of the Climate Candidates workgroup that seeks to find and support candidates statewide who are strong on climate issues.

At the last meeting actions that can be undertaken during the summer were discussed and developed.  SEA members may wish to engage around any or all of these.  Watch the site for further information, including on the Fremont Solstice Parade, one of the first events coming up June 22nd.

UW Fossil Fuel Divestment Rally:  On June 13th Mike, Bill, Carol, Connie, and Mary M participated in the rally on the UW campus with City Council Member Mike O’Brien to let the UW Board of Regents know that reasons that UW Endowment Funds should not be supporting any companies involved in the extraction, or transporting of fossil fuels.  This event was led by the UW students who spoke to the Regents, one of whom is also a leader in a Seattle workgroup for Campus Divestment.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby:  Having heard an announcement about an upcoming meeting of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby – Seattle at the meeting, Mary D recruited Mary M and they attended the June 1st Saturday Brunch of the local group held in a home in North Greenwood.   Citizen’s Climate Lobby was founded five years ago and now has  94 groups, of which Seattle is one.  The first Saturday of each month (except July when it will be the second Saturday, the local groups call into a national call where there is an informative presentation and time to hear from some of the local groups on how they have taken action to influence political leadership on climate change.  Their goal is a fee and dividend system, over a cap and trade for controling  carbon emissions, and they work toward it through citizens influencing their legislative representatives.  We are helping the Seattle group with their website (Mary M) and by working to start groups in other geographical location (Mary D – while traveling in June and July).

Faux Coal Train in Fremont Solstice Parade:  Several SEA members have been supporting the preparation for the “Coal Train” entry in the Solstice Parade on June 22nd, including Carol, Bill, and Mary M.   Others may still join up and actually be in the parade by going to the 350-Seattle website. SEA Meetings:  Thanks to those who have facilitated our monthly meetings recently, also, including the hosts (including Karen and David, Janet, Jack, Mary D, Ellen, et al), the moderators (Mike, Jack, Mark, Mary D, Mary M, et al), and Notetakers (Mary S, Mark, Mary M, Mary D, Janet, et al).  Preparation, implementation and follow up sometimes required of these roles can be considerable investment in time and effort by those who step forward, and it really helps to share this load.  Remember: There is always help for those who are willing to try these roles out!

SEA Change Blog Postings and Routine Maintenance:  Thanks to those who oversee the SEA Change blog on a routine basis (Mark and Mary M) as well as those who write posts (Mike, Aimee, Karen, Mary D, Mark, Jack, Dan, Janet, et al)  and comments (Carol, Mary M, Karen, Mark, et al) to share with the group.  The blog is a great way to maintain a dialogue with the rest of the group and share important information, so thanks also go to those who regularly check out what is new there or follow it through an RSS feed.

SEA Meetings:   SEA meetings have been supported by those who provide their homes (Karen, Jack, Ellen, Mary D, Janet, et al), facilitate (Mike, Mark, Jack, Bruce, et al) and provide notes (Mary S, Mary M, Mark, and others), as well as serve as timekeeper (Isa, Mary M,…) and Town Crier (Susan, Mark, …).  Through good outreach by members, including Karen, Mike, Mary D and others, there were quite a few additional attendees at the House Party at Karen and David’s for Mike O’Brien with $1100 in support being raised.   David and 6 other SEA Members subsequently volunteered for additional envelop stuffing for Mike O’Brien.

Other:  Please provide any additional work you or others in SEA have been involved with in a separate post or by adding a comment below to this.


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