Climate Volunteers Needed for Fremont Solstice Parade, Sat. June 22

Have you ever wanted to be in a parade?  …the Fremont Solstice Parade?  …raise awareness on the coal exports issue?  

The Sierra Club-Beyond Coal Campaign,, Power Past Coal ,  Backbone and other groups and individuals have coordinated to build an awesome coal train to enter in the Fremont Solstice Parade (and other future climate change /consciousness raising events).  They need some volunteers to help out and have fun propelling and accompanying the train in the parade on the afternoon of Saturday, June 22nd.   The walk is a mile and a half, and there will be a rehearsal/prep at the west end of the route starting at 1:30 with the parade starting at 3:00 pm.   They need stiltwalkers, train car pushers, singers, windmill carriers, monitors and more!  Note: the parade rules do not allow the use of any signs or verbal messages, but there will be some singing and the train very cleverly conveys the message without words.  Kids are needed also, if you have any young friends that would enjoy participating.  Bring along a friend or family member to help out! This site  has some pictures that will show you how the train transforms from a dangers coal carrying train to a happy, earth-friendly, train.  A lot of volunteers from a variety of groups have put much energy into building and decorating it and you can help with some finishing art work this Saturday at the Sierra Club Offices at 180 Nickerson, #202 or in the parking lot. The website has more information regarding the event. There are links to further info, such as the FlashMob event at Gas Works park later that day.   The various roles and positions needed for filling are shown and available for sign up online  And you can also sign up by email to Lisa Marcus  with what you would like to do to help and your contact information.  Lisa has done an incredible job with getting this set up as well as chairing one of the newly created Seattle workgroups (Coal Trains/Carbon Corridors). The Seattle Environmental Activists can make a difference by stepping up to help out in this great consciousness raising event. Feel free to encourage others to get involved with you and bring kids!


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One Response to Climate Volunteers Needed for Fremont Solstice Parade, Sat. June 22

  1. Carol Roach says:

    I’m doing this as well and hope others from SEA will join! It’s fun, cheerful, well organized, and LOCAL

    Carol Roach


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