BC Opposes Tar Sands Pipeline Through Province

British Columbia has taken a stand against the construction of a pipeline through the province for export through any of their ports in a decision May 31st.   This may make the position that whether the Keystone XL Pipeline is built or not won’t impact the export of tar sands bitumen.   The routes to export tar sands oil are becoming more and more limited.  Hopefully they will narrow sufficiently that the wisdom of leaving it in the ground becomes the only option.

See the NY TImes article British Columbia Opposes Planned Oil Sands Pipeline, here.

 A pipeline for exporting oil sands bitumen to Asia-bound tankers was dealt a severe blow on Friday when the province of British Columbia urged a federal review panel to reject the $6 billion plan.

Or the interview on the PRI show “Living On Earth” where Danielle Droitsch, head of the Natural Resource Defense Council’s Canada Project, says the British Columbia decision changes the game.

Basically, the British Columbia government said “no” to moving half a million barrels a day across 600 miles across rugged and pristine areas of British Columbia. And they did that because of the risk of spills to that pristine environment, the risk to the commercial salmon fishery and the risk to human health.

Listen to the interview or read the transcript at the Living on Earth website.


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