Citizens Climate Lobby: This is it!

Meeting tomorrow, 9:30 am in Greenwood. I’ll be there. I’m going to get a carbon tax bill enacted! You too?

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One Response to Citizens Climate Lobby: This is it!

  1. Great article about this effective group targeted toward getting a fee imposed on carbon emissions. The national monthly call with people from all over the country in their small or larger groups showed how effective individuals can be in acting as citizen lobbyists to get action and attention of their political representatives. Learn more by joining the weekly new participant call each Wednesday at 5:00 pm Pacific or listen to the most recent call. Also join the monthly call either individually or by coming to the CCL group meeting. To register and learn more about the Citizens Climate Lobby go to their website which has lots of ways to be involved and to learn more:

    Mary D and Mary M from SEA attended the June 1st monthly call and brunch. The next one will by on the Second Saturday (due to the Fourth of July Holiday) at 9:00 am on July 13th. Contact either Mary for more information on the local group.


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