350.org Big Meeting!

A big organizational meeting is scheduled for Keystone (!) Church in Wallingford (home of Meaningful Movies), Wednesday, 5/8, at 7 pm. Let’s be there and help make a plan.

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One Response to 350.org Big Meeting!

  1. Here is more information on the meeting:

    Seattle is a key part of the fossil fuel resistance. Our mayor was the first to commit to fossil fuel divestment—which means we need to hold him to that commitment—and we’ve had a strong climate activist presence here for years.

    This week marks a transition for our area’s climate movement: we’re combining forces, streamlining, and reaffirming our commitment to work together. Will you be part of it?

    WHAT: 350 Seattle Kickoff Meeting
    WHEN: Wednesday, May 8th
    WHERE: Keystone Church 5019 Keystone Place N, Seattle

    Click here to join the new 350 Seattle group on 350 Local. For more info and to RSVP for the meeting, click here: http://local.350.org/events/248/?akid=3101.818122.wu3QQP&rd=1&t=2

    Why this now? Many of you went to hear Bill McKibben speak last November on his Do the Math tour. You know that the cause is urgent, and the time to act is now. Through a united 350 Seattle group, we hope to make strong progress on divestment, the movement to resist tar sands development and the Keystone XL pipeline, and more.

    At Wednesday’s meeting, we’ll formulate our action plan, and form twelve working groups: UW divestment, faith groups divestment, tar sands campaign/KXL, pledge of resistance, public education, media relations, city policy, climate candidates, cultures & communities, sustainable living, and the coal train campaign.

    There will be something for everyone! Come out on Wednesday to help us kick off this powerful new community.


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