Lawrence Lessig – Talks about the fundamental flaw in American political system

In this TED talk Lawrence Lessig identifies the central source of the US failure to function as a democratic republic. He claims PAC money has corrupted the original intent of American constitutional framers. A departing congresswoman explained to Lessig that she was informed by another legistator to “Lean toward the green.”  She added – “He was not an environmentalist.”

Lessig says that Congress has become a “Farm league for K Street.”  42% of house Reps and 50%+ of US Senators go on to become well paid lobbyists.  On the other hand, states that have adopted new publicly funded election systems have seen a return to candidates “of the people”: These states include Maine, Arizona, and Connecticut.

The question is, should the environmental movement also address this issue as part of its overall mission to reclaim a sustainable planet?

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