Action Plan for PCC Tabling

Objective: We have until 4/15 to respond to the Keystone XL Pipeline EIS at the State Department. We need volume. We want to make it easy for people to sound off against the pipeline.

Plan: Tabling at Fremont PCC, 3/30 and 4/7, 11-3 pm.

Here’s what we’ve agreed to do, in addition to showing up.

Karen: Table, stamps, address labels.

David: The big sign, something like Act Now: Stop Keystone. Also labels for our shirts or hats, help Karen get the table to PCC.

Mike: Written materials: 3×5 card with action options and links. Backgrounder on Keystone.

Amy, in consultation with Janet: Work on the basic speech: What comes after we rope them in with,
“Want to do something quick about climate change? Will you sign a letter opposing the Keystone Pipeline?”
Draft to the group by Friday, 3/22.

Mary D: envelopes, pens, scotch tape, blank paper, pre-printed letters for people to embellish and sign.

Janet and anybody else who has them: plexiglas stands to hold table signs. And Janet, check with Bill (?) re table placement, other PCC matters.

Everyone: clipboards.

Dress silly.


People, what did I forget?

Great meeting, everyone.

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One Response to Action Plan for PCC Tabling

  1. Mary Davies says:

    A thought: Any of us could take a clipboard with letters ready to go, to our churches, dances, job sites, operating rooms, etc, to get more people sending mail. Yes?


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