Meeting Notes, March 10, 2013


6pm convened at Karen & David’s

6:20pm meeting commenced a tad early at Mike’s decree: lots of stuff to cover!

Mike Dash facilitated; Isa was time-keeper; Mark was note-taker


Intros all around. In attendance: Karen & David (Thanks, hosts!), Bill & Carol, Mark, Dan, Janet, Bruce, Jack, Isa, Mary S., Susan M. and Mike

Mark did a short demo of how to post to the blog. Subtext of demo: “Post people, post!”

Mike spent some time reviewing issues relating to Tar Sands.
* Several actions were promoted in the Bill McKibben video conference that took place earlier that afternoon:
– Swamp the comment period on the State Department’s review statement
– Join in on divestment campaigns
– Organizing going on for a national day of non-violent civil disobedience; based on the “Keystone Principle”: “Leave it in the Ground!”
– encourage local independent actions (SEA could perhaps link in with this)
– there will be another video call next week
* Local folks who’ve been involved in the anti-Tar Sands activities are starting to talk about where to go next.
* Credo (the progressive, long-distance phone call company) is leading a call for national resistance to Tar Sands pipeline if the Obama approves the pipeline. There have been many alternatives proposed on how to resist.
* Thomas Friedman has an article in the NY Times speaking out against approval of the pipeline.
* Van Jones has labelled this the “Obama Pipeline”

We next spent time working out what actions we could organize around in the coming months.
* Mike went over some likely candidates that were listed on the agenda:
– March: Al Gore presentation at REI
– March: help swamp state department with letters against their approval of the Keystone Tar Sands pipeline
– April: Earth Day anti-Coal rally
– April: the movie, “A Fierce Green Fire” opens April 5th
– May: some action related to the coal-train & terminal EIS
– June: entry in or tabling at Fremont Solstice Parade
At Karen’s urging we dropped the May, coal-train action since the EIS would be out of contention at that point.
We focussed on choices for March/April actions:
1) we opted for the idea of hosting tables at some select locations in late March early April to get people to help swamp the State Department with correspondence opposing approval of the Tar Sands pipeline. The dates we arrived at are March 30th and April 7th. There will be a prep meeting for doing the tabling at Karen & David’s place, Wed. March 20th @ 7:30pm. All who can help with preparation are welcome.
2) we also agree on April 5th as the date to have a dinner and go see “A Fierce Green Fire”. Planning details have yet to be ironed out.
Keep your eyes out for sea-alert emails with further details on both of these events.

We next spent 28+ minutes writing letters and submitting on-line form correspondence supporting governor Jay Inslee’s efforts to get a Climate Action bill passed. Thanks, Karen, for getting the contact web-site info for doing this.

We discuss the question of how better to deal with agenda items like the one we had tonight of deciding what our next major action will be. It was argued that not enough time was allocated to such an agenda item this time around. We discuss the possibility of having an extended meeting time, still convening at 6pm but allowing the meeting itself to go to 8:30, but in the end we decided that for next time we would pare down the agenda with just two main items:
– 1 solid hour for the decision about what major action(s) to undertake for the next month
– 30 minutes for letter-writing.
No other topics. If people have other items of info to share, they can put it on the blog (hint: Post, people post!)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held the 2nd Sunday of April, April 14th., again at Karen & David’s.

We have the following folks assigned to meeting duties…
– Mary S: note-taker
– Mike D: time-keeper
– Bruce: facilitator
– Susan M: town-crier

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