Gotchas with including links in blog posts

There’s a couple of stumbling blocks that I came across.

1) There needs to be some text that serves as the text of the link. For
example, one can use the word ‘here’, or perhaps a name of the page your
linking to… You need to have that text in place first in the editor. Then
highlight it. Then click on the link button.

2) doesn’t let you link to just any site. I have no idea why.
They actually strip the links in those cases and I have no idea what cases
those might be. I tried to make a link to google as a test, and although the
link seemed to be present in html edit mode, when I published the test post
and viewed it, the link was gone.

But I’ve successfully made links to other sites. You can see an example in
my “Test” post under Sea Info Posts… I’ll leave that up for a while.

Also you can use the plain text editor format and put the link in using HTML
yourself. Links have the form

<a title="TPM" href=; target=”_blank”>TPM

Where the title is what is displayed when you hover over the link, the text
in double-quotes after href= is the actual URL, and the text between the
first ‘>’ and closing is the text anchors the link (in this case I
happened to make the title and the anchoring text the same, but they don’t
have to be. I think that the target=”_blank” part makes it so that when the
link is clicked the page opens in a new tab or window.

Hope that helps. If you still have trouble after trying this, let me know
and tell me what site you’re trying to link to, and also what you see in the
plain text format of the editor where you attempted to put the link. And
also, if you’re willing, save your post and let me know what its title is so
I can take a look.

Here is a link to talking points memo

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