SEActivist at Power Past Coal Monthly Meeting

I attended the monthly Sierra Club planning meeting tonight from 6:00 to 7:30.   I was able to contribute some ideas for what activists against coal exports might do in the coming months while there is no open comment period or hearing coming up.   In March the group agreed that an event of interest to children and families on climate change tentatively it would be for Mike Foster to put on the Al Gore presentation along with an activity and refreshments possibly at the REI flagship store.   In April for Earth Day the consensus was for a coal focused march around Greenlake like the one at Golden Gardens, but with warmer weather.  In May some action on the need for a cumulative impact assessment under the EISs for coal ports.  And in June possibly an entry in the Fremont Solstice parade.

I find these meetings pretty interesting and a satisfying way to have input into the work of the larger non-profit coalition working on the fossil fuels issue.  Really nice people!  – Mary M

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