Disappointing Obama news: Tar Sands absence, polar bear extinction plan

Here are two recent pieces of disappointing news from the Obama administration.

  • Tar Sands absence. 350.org reports that Obama was away from the white house during last Sunday’s big Tar Sands demonstration (!). What’s worse is where he was instead: “while 40,000 or more people were outside the White House asking for his attention about Keystone XL, President Obama was playing golf with oil and pipeline executives in Florida.” Read more here.
  • Obama administration finalizes the “Polar Bear Extinction Plan” [of course, that’s not what they call it]. But the administration has just finalized a special rule that fails to protect polar bears from greenhouse gas pollution under the Endangered Species Act. The article is here.

There’s a message for us in the above two stories. The message is that we need to keep doing what we’re doing. Obama may have good intentions but we sure can’t just sit back and wait. It’s up to us.

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