Power Past Coal March at Golden Gardens Feb 17th – A Success!

Several SEA members provided support for and participated in the Sierra Club organized march from Golden Gardens Park south along Shilshole Bay to the Seattle restaurant institution Ray’s Boathouse.   Mike, Mark and Mary M arrived early (about 10:15 AM) to help set up, sign participants in, and then facilitate the rally and the march.   Others who helped and participated in the march included:  Mary D., Janet, Bruce, Dan, Susan, and Ellen.

The speakers at the rally included Robin Everett, Sierra Club Organizer, Mayor Mike McGinn, Liz Talley Local Businessperson and Chris Wilke, Puget Soundkeepers Alliance Executive Director.   The rally and march lasted until about 1:00 pm when it reached Ray’s.  Some stayed for a light lunch to celebrate the success of the event, which may have had 300 participants, possibly 3 to 4 times what was expected considering the cold and damp weather.

What tips, comments, or suggestions for the future do others that participated have?  Put some comments in the block below!


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