Indigenous tribe prepares to die defending its land: “they will have to kill us all”

This is not a story about climate disruption but it is a story about the environment. In the jungles of Ecuador a struggle is playing out between people who see the jungle as a habitat and those who want to rip it open for mining. It’s sobering and scary and inspiring.

A warrior tribe in Ecuador prepares to fight as the government sells gold-laden land to China.

The Cordillera del Condor is in the elite ranks of global hot spots as ranked by conservation significance. It combines the diversity of the Andes and the Amazon in the middle of cloud forest. There is more diversity of life in one hectare of the Condor than all of North America combined.

The mining activities have provoked a militant indigenous resistance: “to get the gold, they will have to kill every one of us.”

The whole article is here.

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