SEA Activism with Beyond Coal Campaign Jan-Feb 2013

Beyond Coal Monthly Meeting was held at Sierra Club Offices on Jan 17th and was attended by Jack B, Mary M, Isa W, and quite a few others.  The planning meeting’s main agenda items were to celebrate and recap the Cherry Point GPT coal port scoping hearing success and look at potential upcoming events.   Planning was initiated for a local event to coincide with the national march on the White House by Beyond Coal and to push for more serious action on climate change during the Obama administration’s second term.   The event was to be a march against coal exports and it was later decided that this will take place at 11:30 at Golden Gardens.

There is more data entry needed by the Beyond Coal Campaign to be sure that all those involved in the Coal Scoping process are included in the database for future action and information.  Mary M picked up a stack of a couple hundred people and entered the data into the record.  Others may have also.  Please let us know if you have been involved or want to help out with this or other Beyond Coal activities.


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