Idle No More: Making your heartbeats count

Here’s a wonderful, inspiring interview with First Nations activist, attorney and writer Caleb Behn.

I believe that within indigenous law are [valuable] perspectives on how we as human beings interact with the natural world and I think they are very pragmatic principles that deal with the destructive potential that we have now as a species that was never in existence before. My goal is to empower that vision through scholarship and through legal activism and through my own personal life.

I read this interesting research paper back when I was younger about how most mammals have the same [lifetime] amount of heartbeats regardless of their size … whales, hummingbirds, tortoises, humans … we have different life spans but we have a relatively consistent heartbeat in our lives and that made me realize that the clock is ticking; you only get so many heartbeats and I wanted to make mine count for as much as possible and I believe that helping to end the suffering and erosion of tradition in the world expanding around us will be a good use of my heartbeats.

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